Selling your old watches and pocket-watches

From Timex to Rolex. Whether it's ticking or not put it in your box.

Samples of the watches and pocket-watches we buy

Back in the day a gentleman growing up would be given a pocket-watch as a coming of age gift. This practice has become a lot less popular with wrist watches being more fashionable.

With tastes in watches changing frequently it's not surprising that everyone has old and broken watches they don't wear. Add them to your parcel in any condition.

More information about watches and pocket-watches

We buy men’s and women’s watches, digital watches from the 70’s and pocket-watches, even if they are out of fashion. It doesn’t matter read more

Common Questions

As a rule of thumb, the watches we buy are mechanical, hand-wound watches and pocket watches rather than battery powered ones. If the watch says “QUARTZ” on it’s face it is likely to be too modern for us

A lot of watch brands are vintage. This means many of the pieces they make are vintage in style. Sometimes we will buy watches in this style .

We'll let you know if we're happy to buy your watch when you include it in your parcel. Remember we will always send these items back to you for free if they aren't suitable for us.

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