How to sell vintage toys

From tin toys to old porcelain dolls add them to your box in any condition.

Examples of the old toys we buy

Todays toys are technical innovations when compared to the toys of our youth! Many old toys can be found abandoned in attics.

Why let them carry on gathering dust and taking up space? Add them to your parcel and increase your cash offer.

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More details on old toys

You can sell us old toys. Anything old in any condition especially the old toys of yesteryear that would never pass the rigorous health and safety tests around today.

Toys are almost as old as humanity. Many archaeological digs have unearthed dolls representing babies, animals and soldiers as well as toy replicas of adults’ tools.

No one is really sure where the word ‘toy’ comes from but it’s thought to have been used first in the 14th Century. The oldest known toy doll that’s been found is thought to be 4000 years old.

Do you remember toy cars with lead paint, tin plate toys with sharp edges, clockwork and wind-up toys? You can sell them to us.

We buy many old toys, the older the toy the more likely it is to add value to a box you send in. Dolls house furniture and original dollies' clothing.

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Common Questions

Yes, we will buy the toy whether it is with the original box or not, so please include it in your parcel.

As a rule of thumb we buy toys from the 1970s and earlier.

Yes we do, most board games were mass produced so don’t carry a tremendous value, however there are exceptions, please include them in your parcel with your other vintage items.

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