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Old fashioned pens and pencils in any condition are a great way to add value to your parcel.

Samples of the writing instruments we buy

Do you have a junk drawer? It's OK everyone does! If you look, you are sure to find old pens and pencils.

Do you really use that leaky fountain pen any more? Will you ever buy new lead for that propelling pencil? Why not add your old writing instruments to your parcel and buy yourself a nice Biro set instead!

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More information about vintage pens and pencils

You can sell us old writing instruments including ink pens, propelling pencils, even if they are broken or in less than perfect condition.

The oldest writing instruments tended to be styluses which were used to scratch words into clay, stone or wax tablets.

We didn’t have anything close to the pens and pencils we have today until the reed pen was invented in 4BCE by the Egyptians. The first pencil wasn’t invented until 1500CE.

You can sell old fashioned pens and pencils in any condition, even with broken nibs or leaky ink sacs.

We buy old fountain pens, old ink wells, boxed pens, propelling and mechanical pencils, pens named after animals, boxed pens, old Parker pens, old calligraphy pens, ink fillers, lever filler pens, cedar holders, slide and screw pencils, minature mechanical pencils, any Art Deco and Art Nouveau designs, any pre 1950’s pencils and pens with advertisers’ slogans. read more

Common Questions

If your pen is from the 1970s or earlier or of a high end brand such as Parker, Sheaffer or Waterman then it will be of interest to us. Please include it in your parcel of other vintage items.

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