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Vintage 1955 Silver Yard.O.Led Propelling Pencil - Working & Boxed
1955 Silver Yard.O.Led Pencil
Vintage Solid Silver Yard O Led Propelling Pencil, London 1967, By Yol,
Solid Silver Yard O Led Pencil
Lovely Vintage Yard-O-Led Rolled Gold Propelling Pencil
Yard-O-Led Rolled Gold Pencil
Vintage 9Ct .375 Gold Lady Yard O Led Lette Propelling Pencil & Chatelaine Ring
9Ct Gold Lady Yard O Led
Vintage Collectable British Yard-O-Led Propelling Pencil. - 13.5 Cm
British Yard-O-Led Pencil
Vtg Jm&Co Sterling Silver Propelling Pencil Mechanical Yard-O-Led 1957
Jm&Co Sterling Silver Pencil

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