We buy silver and silver plate

Tableware, candlesticks, tea services, silver trays, the list is endless. Is yours gathering dust?

Examples of the silver and silver plate we buy

Almost everyone remembers the old fashioned silver tea service! Silver plated items were popular for a number of years after the industrial revolution.

These days they tend to gather dust in people's lofts and kitchen cupboards. Add any silver or silver plated items to your parcel in any condition to free up some space in your home.

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More details on silver plate

You can sell a massive range of silver plated items to us. We will buy everything from silver candle sticks to silver cutlery. We’ll buy silver plate in almost any condition.

Silver plate was accidentally invented by Thomas Boulsover, of Sheffield in 1743. He was trying to repair a customer's decorative knife, he heated it too much and the silver started to melt. When he examined the damaged handle, he noticed that the silver and copper had fused together.

You can sell any silver plated items: Tableware, candlesticks, silver photo frames and mirrors. Cruet sets, trays, coffee pots, tea sets, cigar boxes. Sugar bowls, bonbon dishes, punch bowls. Trophies, jugs, goblets, christening cups, large spoons, salt and pepper shakers, sugar sifters.

Anything silver plated taking up valuable space and no longer used or wanted. Don’t worry if it’s broken, we buy that too.

We buy such a huge range of items. If you have a piece that’s not in this list and you’d like to know if you can sell it to us, please get in touch. read more

Common Questions

There’s no need to polish or clean your silver before sending it in. Leave the hassle to us. If you polish or clean your silver plated items it might actually decrease their value.

Our seasoned appraisers have been cleaning silver plate for many years, they will ensure your silver plate is properly cared for.

We will buy any silver plated items that are taking up space in your home, even if they are stamped with EP or EPNS. Why not start your clear out this weekend and see how much space you can save.

We buy any silver plate that's taking up space in your home. Not much silver plate is produced these days, so it’s unlikely you’ll have many modern pieces.

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