Selling Your Silver Jewellery

Wondering where to sell your Silver Jewellery? We buy all kinds of Silver Jewellery, selling to us online is so simple.

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Sell your Silver Jewellery without leaving the house.

Your Silver Jewellery could be worth a lot of money. Send it to us using our free postage service. Our in house experts will let you know how much it is worth. Accept the offer to get paid the same day, or request to have your item returned to you at no cost.

Three sterling silver identity bracelets
Silver Identity Bracelets
Three vintage sterling silver chain bracelets.
Silver Chain Bracelets
A loop bangle with opal fastening.
Silver Loop Bangles
Three silver cuff bracelets in various conditions.
Silver Cuff Bracelets
A collection of silver bangles in various conditions.
Mixed Silver Bangles
Three sterling silver pocketwatch albert chains.
Silver Albert Chains
A collection of various silver chains in different weights.
Silver Chains
Six sterling silver pendants with various drops.
Silver Pendants
A collection of 5 cameo pendant drops depicting women
Silver Cameos
A gold plated silver brooch with a venetian foiled stone.
Gold Plated Silver
Tangled silver chains of varying weight and thickness.
Tangled Silver Chains
Two vintage sterling silver marcasite brooches
Silver Marcasite Brooches
A collection of silver pendants with various silver drops.
Silver Pendants
A silver loop bangle with large purple stone fastening.
Silver Loop Bangles
A selection of sterling silver pendant drops with no chains.
Silver Pendant Drops
Three silver ingot pendant drops with various makers marks.
Silver Ingots
A group of mixed sterling silver jewellery including chains, brooches, bracelets and fob drops.
Mixed Silver Jewellery
Two engraved sterling silver lockets with no chains.
Silver Lockets
Two sterling silver pendant drops with amber stones and no chains.
Silver Amber Jewellery
A group of silver medallions with various designs and no chains.
Silver Medallions
A collection of stone set sterling silver bracelets with various stones.
Stone Set Silver Bracelets
A sterling silver charm bracelet with various charms.
Silver Charm Bracelets
A group of mixed silver jewellery including earrings, brooches, collar drops and pendants.
Mixed Silver Jewellery
A sterling silver marcasite bracelet with safety chain.
Silver Marcasite Bracelets
A sterling silver albert chain bracelet set with five large semi precious stones.
Stone Set Silver Bracelets
A silver bracelet with an oriental design.
Oriental Silver Jewellery
A group of sterling silver earrings and cufflinks in various shapes and sizes.
Silver Earrings and Cufflinks

How It Works

1. Send box

Postage is free and insured. So, send whatever you find.

2. Free valuation

Experts value everything from terrific to tat.

3. Speedy payment

Same day payment or items returned for free.

More information about selling silver jewellery

Selling your silver jewellery is a great option. You'll make some more money for the things that are important to you.

It doesn't matter what your jewellery looks like. We guarantee we'll give it a new home.

Silver jewellery has a reputation for being refined and timeless. The classic lustre of silver makes for gorgeous jewellery but it's also difficult to care for. Over time silver tends to get tarnished. It also breaks more easily than gold because it's a softer metal.

Most silver jewellery has a hallmark, if there's a 925 stamped onto the piece somewhere, it's likely to be silver.

Some more modern pieces of jewellery have a small tag attached with the number 925 on it. This is less likely to be silver.

The best way to check is with a magnet. If the jewellery sticks to the magnet it's not silver.

Interesting fact: Because silver is a soft metal it has to be alloyed with a tougher metal when it's made into jewellery. Usually copper. This is why it's called sterling silver.

The 925 hallmark refers to the purity of the metal which is usually 92.5% silver, the other 7.5% represents the alloy.

You can add all types of silver jewellery to your box. When you sell to us we'll make sure your jewellery is safe from your door stop to ours with our free, secure courier service.

You can send silver chains, pendants and lockets. Silver rings, and earrings. Silver bangles, bracelets and charm bracelets. Silver brooches and watch chains.

We'll buy it all. We'll accept your jewellery even if it's tangled, tarnished, broken, or missing stones.

Excellent 9.4 out of 10.
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brilliant ,very friendly but not "pushy" have recommended to friends
Kelly Dunsmore
Been a fun experience from start to …
Been a fun experience from start to finish. Gathered my things and sent them away in a box with paid postage from vintage cashcow so everything is free. Then just waited to be given my offer which I gladly accepted and all was done within 1 week.
Yvonne Walker
Money for So Little
OMG so quick and really lovely. The Gentleman on the phone was really nice. I sent just a little box and what a lovely surprise at the value my cheque in the post. x
Excellent service from Vintage cash …
Excellent service from Vintage cash cow, info pack was sent quickly so I was able to send my items easy plus postage and packaging was free ...
Any enquiries I made the staff were prompt and very friendly , quick response and payment was all done quickly Would recommend Vintage cash cow 🐮
Nicky V
Can't fault it...
Everything was so easy from the first contact to the receipt of my cheque, and if Vintage Cash Cow said something would be done within a certain timescale, it was! Friendly staff kept me informed at all stages: can't fault it!
Laura Low
First time using Vintage Cash Cow
First time using Vintage Cash Cow and was really happy with both the service and the offer I received. Yes I probably could hace got more selling each individual piece on auction sites, however I didn't hace the time nor the space to store everything. ...
Vintage Cash Cow came and collected my box and sitting a week I received my offer. I sent only costume jewellery, some odd silver and gold bits that were clogging up my drawers. The service is brilliant and if you're having a sort out I would highly reccommend. However, if you are looking for a high price for items that you think have a high worth, I would reccommend selling individually. Thank you Vintage Cash Cow, I now have an empty junk drawer and a little bit of spending money to add to my holiday fund.
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You could have a fortune sitting right under your nose.

Recent UK payouts
Alexandra C Lancaster £55
Ann W Nottingham £321
Brenda D Gloucester £60
Gina C Salford £370
Hilary G Brighton and Hove £142
Ian S Salford £55
Josie S Bath £231
Rosemary M Stoke-on-Trent £213
Sally A Plymouth £120
Stephen H Durham £223
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Clear out, cash in. Order your free guide and free pre-paid postage labels now.

You could have a fortune sitting right under your nose.

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