We buy Masonic regalia

Masonic and any other lodge items are great things to add to your box.

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Many homes have old items like lodge medals, badges and regalia from The Masons, Buffaloes and Odd Fellows etc which are sat gathering dust and can be turned into cash when added to your parcel.

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A description of the Masonic regalia we buy

Any masonic items you include in your parcel will raise its value. We accept all kinds of items from any lodge, including the Oddfellows Society and the Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes.

These societies have existed since the dawn of time. Often there are ceremonial books, ornaments and dress passed down through generations. Sometimes they're left behind by friends or family and then make their way into our homes.

You can sell any Masonic or secret society regalia. Look for things like: white gloves, aprons, sashes and lodge medallions. Various orders, badges of office, jewels and pendants. We buy any pieces with the initials GM (Grand Master) and any masonic jewels with the ‘Skull and Crossbones” image.

Wooden gavels, and presentation silver plated gavels, especially when engraved. You can also sell the Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes and Oddfellows Society regalia. read more

Common Questions

Yes, we buy items from all lodges, even those that are based/ founded in other countries. Add them to your parcel along with any of the other items we buy

Yes, we are happy to buy your medals in any condition, add them to your parcel.

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