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Meet Valarie

"I sent you some costume jewellery, some pearls, sterling silver and a couple of decorative pens. A very nice young man called me and made me a reasonable offer which I accepted and the whole transaction was quite painless."

Meet Deana

"I parcelled up two vintage cameras, just gathering dust in the loft. It's a really easy service to use, so if you've got some bits and bobs lying around that you want to cash in, then it's worth a look."

Meet Helen

"I came across a Hornby train set that my son no longer uses and a lot of old jewellery. I contacted Vintage Cash Cow, and they collected it the following day. Then, I got a call offering me £98 for the lot!"

Meet Gill

"I first heard about them last year and I got £250 for bits of gold, old coins, watches. I’ve done it again this year and I’ve just received another £203. Both amounts have gone to holidays."

Meet Andrew

"I was very happy with the value which we'd have never realised trying to sell the items ourselves, individually. We were very happy and I'm preparing my second box now."

Meet Khyuk

"It’s a really good way to recover some space and generate a bit of cash. The team are very helpful and I would certainly use the service again."

How will you spend your money?

Join over 150,000 happy customers, and spend your new-found money on memorable moments.

Exploring Norway! image

Exploring Norway!

I had booked my first holiday since losing my husband. I spent my money from VCC on a trip along the Norwegian fjords.

Trip to Diggerland! image

Trip to Diggerland!

I made £125 and the whole family got to go to Diggerland for my digger-mad son’s 4th birthday - he had bucket loads of fun!

A weekend by the coast image

A weekend by the coast

I took the grandkids away for a weekend by the coast. It’d been years since we'd done this together and everyone loved it.

A Radley handbag image

A Radley handbag

From the money I received from VCC, I got a brand-new Radley handbag. It was time for a treat.

A fancy lunch image

A fancy lunch

We treated ourselves to a lovely lunch at one of our favourite restaurants. We've enough left for more lunches too!

Charity work in Uganda image

Charity work in Uganda

I donated the money from my box to a small charity, supporting Uphill Junior School in rural western Uganda.

Wedding dress shopping image

Wedding dress shopping

I went along for a dress fitting with a friend and treated myself to an outfit for her wedding later this year.

Snazzy running kit image

Snazzy running kit

I treated myself to some new running gear. Thank you.

Treating the grandkids image

Treating the grandkids

We are putting our money towards treating our grandchildren to a few days by the sea. They are mega excited.

Horse riding adventure image

Horse riding adventure

I got my horse some treats with the money from my box.

Flights to Malaysia image

Flights to Malaysia

My cheque is going towards a visit to my family in Malaysia later this year.

A snorkelling adventure image

A snorkelling adventure

The money I made went to my son who is doing conservation work in Mexico. It gave him enough for a snorkelling trip!

A tandem adventure image

A tandem adventure

I spent my money on some accessories and new cycling gear for me and my tandem partner.

Treasures for memories image

Treasures for memories

We treated our sons to an afternoon out at the football. Swapping treasures for memories!

£139 to treat my fur baby image

£139 to treat my fur baby

I spent my £139 on my fur baby, Harry for his 7th birthday.

£430 for a new TV image

£430 for a new TV

With the £430 for my vintage jewellery and watches, I was able to treat myself to a lovely new SMART TV. I am delighted!

£770 towards flights image

£770 towards flights

The money I made paid for my flight to see my brother in Tennessee. My next box is already half full.

Alfie’s day out image

Alfie’s day out

We used the £85 to take our dog Alfie out for the day. He loved the pet shop and ended up spoilt to bits.

Motorbike accessories image

Motorbike accessories

I spent my money £145 on some shock absorbers for my Honda motorbike.

Camping in Somerset image

Camping in Somerset

The money that I received paid for some extra days camping in Somerset. Plus all the food for my BBQ. Thank you!

A picnic at the Palace image

A picnic at the Palace

What better way to celebrate my VCC windfall than by taking my oldest friends for a picnic at Buckingham Palace.

Garden fun for the kids image

Garden fun for the kids

We kitted out the garden with all sorts for the kids since moving in, and the money from our old box really helped.

A fun family day out image

A fun family day out

Thanks to Vintage Cash Cow, we enjoyed a fun family day out with lunch and a river exploration!

Afternoon tea for Carol image

Afternoon tea for Carol

With the £380 I took my daughter for afternoon tea and bought all the bits for her to redecorate my living room.

A meal and drinks paid for image

A meal and drinks paid for

I almost threw all the old costume jewellery and coins in the bin! We used the £67 for a meal and a few drinks.

A picnic on the beach image

A picnic on the beach

I spent my offer money on a vintage-style picnic on Kirkcaldy beach.

Shopping with the girls image

Shopping with the girls

I used my money for train tickets for a day out shopping with the girls!

Family meal! image

Family meal!

The money I received went towards a lovely evening out with my family.

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Do Vintage Cash Cow give a fair price?

Our team of experts appraise every item to ensure that you receive a fair price. The value of an item depends on its quality, condition, age, and demand, so it is necessary for us to inspect it in person to provide an accurate valuation. If you are not satisfied with the offer, we will return your items at no cost, giving you nothing to lose by sending them in.

Are you a trusted service?

We are a trusted service with over 500,000 customers signed up and more than 10,000 Trustpilot reviews. Your items will be automatically insured for up to £300 through Parcelforce and we can raise your insurance to £1000 - £10,000 for no extra cost. 

Is it free to send my items?

Absolutely! Our service is designed to be 100% free, whether you send your items to us or request them to be returned after declining our offer.

How can I send my box of items to you?

Sending your box to us is free, easy and safe. We pay for and insure every parcel you send for up to £300 using a tracked Parcelforce service.

There are two ways you can send your box to us: 

1) Using your pre-paid postage labels 

When you order your free selling guide, we include two pre-paid postage labels and sender details stickers. After packing your box, please stick one postage label and one sender details sticker to the outside, and then take your box to any UK Post Office - click here to find your nearest Post Office branch. 

The Post Office will accept the parcel at no cost to you; then, we'll begin appraising your items when your box arrives in our Leeds-based facility.

2) By booking a free home collection 

After signing up, you'll receive various communications to arrange your free Parcelforce home collection service. You can also contact us by phone or email to arrange your collection on a day and time that suits you.

In preparation, please attach your sender details sticker to the box, but not your postage label, as your Parcelforce driver will supply this. If you receive any conflicting information, please ignore it.

How much commission do you charge when you sell my items?

None at all. Unlike auction houses and most other platforms, there are zero fees or commission selling items to us.

What happens if I don't like the offer you give me?

We're a no obligation service, so you're welcome to decline any offer made should it not meet your expectations. If you decline our offer, we will return your whole parcel of items at no cost to yourself.

What happens if you value my box, and my items are not worth anything?

Our buying team will let you know via email that your items have not generated an offer on this occasion. We will return your parcel free of charge via Parcelforce.

How long will it take to have my items valued?

Our team of appraisers will value your box within 3-5 working days of it arriving at VCC HQ. Once we have your offer ready, you'll then receive a phonecall from our friendly buying team with the details.

My item is not listed in the items you accept. Can I still send it to you?

Unfortunately, we do not accept items that are not specified on our site. If you believe you have an item that would be of interest to our experts, you can call our customer service team who will be happy to assist you.

Please phone our customer service team on: 0800 246 1111 or send us an email at [email protected]

Can I send photos of my items to you before I post them?

Of course! We cannot give you an estimate of the value, but we can tell you if your items are acceptable to send. Click here to email your photographs to our team. 

How do I receive my offer?

A vintage advisor will call you with an offer once we've received and valued your items. You’ll get an explanation of the offer and an opportunity to ask any questions. If we are unable to reach you, we send an email and SMS message requesting you to contact us.

I only have one item, can I send it?

Maybe. Our service is designed to help you declutter in bulk, so we would prefer you to send 10 items or more. However, if you believe your item is really special, please get in touch to see if it is suitable.

Can I speak to someone?

Yes, you can choose from a range of ways to speak to us:

Call us on 0800 246 1111
Arrange call back
Message us on Facebook
Email us at [email protected]

I'm not able to visit a Post Office. Can I arrange a home collection?

Of course! Our home collection service is free for all of our customers. If you'd like to book your slot, please call us on 0800 246 1111.

What if my items are broken or damaged during shipping?

We hope this never happens but if your items are damaged, we will handle any claim on your behalf. Your parcel is insured for up to £300 as standard, through Parcelforce. However, if you believe your items are worth more, we can raise your insurance to £1,000 or £10,000.

Can you give me a quote before I send?

No, unfortunately, this isn’t possible. The value of an item is very dependent on quality, condition, age and demand so we must see it in person to be able to give it a fair valuation. If you are not satisfied with your offer, we will return your items free of charge so you have nothing to lose by sending them in. 

If you would like some guidance on whether or not your items are suitable for us, please contact us on 0800 246 1111 or send us an email at [email protected]

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