Vintage Cash Cow Insurance Policy

Free cover from £300 to £10,000

We pride ourselves on being the most convenient and stress-free service for selling all your vintage items in one go. That’s why, when you use Vintage Cash Cow, you can rest easy knowing that your Box is in safe hands from the moment it leaves your home to the day it arrives at our Leeds-based facility. 

So, whether you take your Box to your local Post Office or arrange a home collection with one of our trusted partners, your items will be automatically insured for up to £300. 

If you’d like additional cover for your higher-value items, please contact our friendly customer support team, and we’ll increase it free of charge. 

Date produced: 09/10/2023

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1.       THIS POLICY

1.1       This insurance policy (Insurance Policy) forms part of the Agreement. Terms defined in the Agreement shall have the same meaning in this Insurance Policy. 


2.1        Each Box sent to Vintage Cash Cow and tracked by our parcel delivery provider is automatically ensured up to a maximum of £300, with proof of contents.

2.2       If you believe that the items you wish to send us are, collectively, worth over £300, please email us a photograph of all your items to [email protected] and ask us to increase your insurance. Then, if our vintage appraisers believe your items to be valued over £300, we'll raise your insurance in line with our tiered system:

Tier 1: Box value up to £300.

Tier 2: Box value £300.01 - £1,000

Tier 3: Box value £1,000.01 - £10,000.

2.3       In order to increase your Insurance Tier, we will ask you to provide as much detail as possible to support your claim that the Items in your Box are worth more than £300. This may include a detailed description of each item, photographs, and, where possible, supporting documentation, e.g. valuation documents, certificates of authenticity, receipts or other relevant documentation (your “Evidence”).

2.4       Vintage Cash Cow will review all information and any evidence provided by you in order to determine whether your Box qualifies for a higher Insurance Tier. If Vintage Cash Cow accepts that your items qualify for a higher Insurance Tier, we will confirm this to you in writing via email.

2.5       You understand and accept that if we confirm that your Box qualifies for a higher Insurance Tier, this does not mean that we are under any obligation to make an offer for your Box of an equal or higher value than that Insurance Tier. Offers are only made after the Appraisal process described in the Agreement.

2.6       Vintage Cash Cow aims to respond to all customers via email within 1 working day in order to confirm whether a Box qualifies for a higher Insurance Tier, but any delay in response from Vintage Cash Cow shall not mean that Vintage Cash Cow accepts that your Box qualifies for a higher Insurance Tier. Insurance Tiers can only be increased with the express written consent of Vintage Cash Cow.

2.7       If we do not agree to provide you with a higher Insurance Tier, you are still entitled to send us your Box for an Appraisal, but this shall be entirely at your own risk.



3.1       If we have advised you that your Box qualifies for Insurance Tier 2 or Insurance Tier 3, please do not send your Box to us unless we specifically advise you to do so in writing. Instead, Vintage Cash Cow will, in its sole discretion, either;

3.1.1     arrange collection of the Box ourselves; or

3.1.2     arrange for an Appraisal to be conducted at the site where the Box (or individual Item if such individual Item alone qualifies for Insurance Tier 3) is located.

3.2       Your Box must be properly packaged. Please ensure you package all Items carefully and in accordance with any specific instructions we provide. For guidance on how to package your Box, please visit ParcelForce’s website: If we have arranged for your Box to be collected by us, you must ensure your Box is packaged correctly before they arrive to collect it. Our courier is under no obligation to assist you with packaging your Box. If your Items have been damaged during transit to us as a result of being poorly or insufficiently packaged, your Box will not be insured, and Vintage Cash Cow accepts no liability for such Items.

3.3       If your Box contains any Items from the Restricted Category as set out in clause 4.1 of the Agreement, your insurance for the entire Box will be invalidated and Vintage Cash Cow cannot be held liable for any damage to Items which were sent in the same Box as Items in the Restricted Category.

3.4       You must obtain a receipt for posting your Box which must contain the tracking number. If we have arranged for your Box to be collected by us, your courier will provide you with a receipt upon collection which will contain the tracking number. You will only be able to make a Claim (as defined below) in the event of a lost Box if you have the receipt and tracking number.

3.5       Your name and return address must be clearly displayed on the Box.



4.1       Prior to making a Claim: If you believe your Box, or any Items within your Box, have been lost or damaged either in transit to us or on their return to you, please gather as much evidence as possible to support your Claim. If you cannot provide any evidence to support your claim, Vintage Cash Cow may be unable to accept your Claim.

4.2       Timeframe for making a Claim: You must raise any Claim within the following timeframes:

4.2.1     Missing Box: 28 days after the Box is sent. Up to 10 working days will be provided for the external postage partner to complete their investigation.

4.2.2     Damaged or missing Items: 28 days from the date the items were sent by you to us or returned by us to you.

4.3       Making a claim: To make a claim, please call us on 0800 246 111 or fill in a claim form and email this to us (a “claim”). Please ensure all contact details, including a telephone number, are provided and are accurate.

4.4       Acknowledgment of a claim. Where you have raised a claim by email, we will endeavour to acknowledge receipt of your claim within 1 working day. We will contact you by telephone.

4.5       Investigating a claim: Upon receipt of a claim, Vintage Cash Cow will investigate the matter and review any details or evidence you provided in your claim. Our investigation process includes, but is not limited to, taking the following actions:

4.5.1     reviewing any relevant CCTV footage we hold on-site;

4.5.2     conducting interviews with employees or staff members who have dealt with your Box; and/or

4.5.3     searching premises for any missing Boxes or Items.

4.6       Investigation Timeframes: Our target timeframes for investigating a claim are as follows:

4.6.1     Missing Box: 10 working days.

4.6.2     Damaged or missing items: 3 working days.

4.7       Notifying you of the outcome of our Investigation: We will notify you of whether your claim has been successful in writing.

4.8       Calculating the Settlement: In the event of a successful claim, we will take into consideration the Insurance Tier we confirmed to you in writing, plus any evidence you provided to us. We will also discuss your items with our experts. We will use this to determine the value of the settlement to which you are entitled (the Settlement).

4.9       Claiming the Settlement: Vintage Cash Cow will, at your discretion, either transfer the Settlement to a bank account nominated by you or send you a cheque for the Settlement. We will ask you to provide the relevant details at the time when we notify you of the Settlement. You understand that it is your responsibility to ensure that the details you provide to us are accurate. Vintage Cash Cow accepts no liability if the Settlement is not received by you as a result of your failure to provide accurate payment details.

4.10      Timeframe for claiming the Settlement: If you do not provide us with the details set out in clause 4.5 within 14 days of us requesting such details, we will consider your right to claim the Settlement as waived, and we will no longer be under an obligation to send to you the Settlement or any other compensation.

4.11      If a lost Box is subsequently found: If you have successfully made a Claim for a lost Box or Item and have received the Settlement for that Claim, and your Box and/or Item is subsequently found:

4.11.1   In the event that the Box and/or Item is found in your possession: You must contact us within 14 days to inform us that it has been found, and you will be required to repay the Settlement to us in accordance with clause 4.8.

4.11.2   In the event that the Box and/or Item is found in our possession:  We will contact you within 14 days to inform you it has been found. We will Appraise the Box and/or Items and make you an offer. If you choose to reject that Offer, we will return the Box and/or items to you after you have repaid the Settlement to us in accordance with clause 4.8. If you choose to accept that offer, and the offer is:            lower than the Settlement, you will be required to return the difference to us in accordance with clause 4.8.            higher than the value of the Settlement, and you would like to accept that offer, we will pay the difference to you.

4.12      If you are late or fail to repay any monies owed to us. If you are required to repay the Settlement to us in part or in full, you must do so within 30 days of our notifying you that the Settlement is due to us (the due date). If you fail to do so by the due date then, without limiting our other rights and remedies (including pursuing both civil and criminal action), we shall be entitled to charge interest at 4% above the Bank of England’s base rate from time to time, or at 4% a year for any period when the base rate is below 0% from the due date until payment of the overdue sums, whether before or after judgment.

4.13      If you disagree with our decision. If we have rejected your claim, or you wish to dispute the Settlement, please follow the complaints procedure in clause 13 of the Agreement.

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