Selling your vintage smoking paraphernalia

Pipes, snuff boxes, tobacco tins, cigarette holders the list is endless.

Examples of the smoking paraphernalia we buy

Up to the 1950's using snuff or smoking a pipe was considered the height of fashion. In today's health conscious world they are far less popular.

Not only do we buy pipes and snuff boxes, we accept many different types of smoking accessories in any condition. Add them to your parcel to increase its value.

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More details on vintage smoking items

Old pipes, old snuff boxes, old smoking tins, not so popular today as they were back then! Add these items to raise the value of your parcel.

Pipe smoking has been traditional in many cultures, even as far back as the ancient Egyptians. When Columbus discovered America in 1492 he also discovered the tobacco plant and introduced it to a number of European countries.

From that point on pipes and the use of snuff became popular until they reached their peak in the 1950’s.

You can add many types of smoking accessories to your parcel. Pipes made of meerschaum, wood, bone, clay and metal will increase the value of your parcel.

You can also include cigar boxes, humidors, cigar cutters and special cigar lighters. We will also buy tobacco tins , old matchbooks, and any old tobacco adverts and signs.

You can even send old match holders and old cigarette lighters, particularly if they are made by Zippo, Ronson and Dunhill.

If you have a piece that's not in this list and you'd like to sell it to us, give us a call. read more

Common Questions

Yes, we will buy the pipe with or without its box, so add it to your parcel of other vintage items.

We buy smoking paraphernalia from the 1970's and earlier, so you can include these in your parcel along with other vintage items.

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