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Add any medals or other military items to your parcel, from medals to trench art and from all theatres of war, you can sell them all.

Pictures of the medals and militaria we buy

Medals and militaria are often items that people have sat in drawers that have been passed down within their family or have been collected over the years and are no longer of interest.

If the medals and other military items don't hold any sentimental value, you can sell them to us for an instant cash payment.

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The medals and militaria we buy

We buy all medals, because of the fluid nature of military history. From war medals to trench art we’ll buy any military items in any condition.

In 1863, Queen Victoria commissioned the Victoria Cross during the Crimean War. It is the highest honour that can be awarded to a member of the British Armed Forces and is actually made from scrap metal taken from a Russian cannon captured during the war.

You can sell: medals in singles or groups. Sell us military badges and regimental attire. Army, Navy and Air Force regalia. Tin hats, air raid whistles, Sam Brown belts and holsters. Swagger sticks, Bosuns' whistles, lanyards and chains. Ceremonial items, ship’s bells and clocks. We also buy: Armed Forces uniforms, hats, caps, officers' gloves, field equipment. Binoculars, military watches, ration books and decommissioned weapons.

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Common Questions

Don’t worry, we buy all medals with or without the paperwork.

We buy medals from any campaign or era right up to modern day Afghanistan.

We are happy to buy these, as part of a collection of items from the same era or as part of a larger parcel.

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