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We buy all your clocks as long as they aren't battery operated.

Samples of the clocks we buy

In the good old days clocks were something you had to wind! These days a simple change of battery does the trick.

If you have any old winding clocks add them to your parcel in any condition. After all no one has time to wind clocks any more!

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More information about vintage clocks

Your old clocks will make a great addition to your parcel in any condition. We’ll buy any that have to be wound from carriage clocks to wall clocks and many more.

Clocks have been used almost since the dawn of time. From early sundials and water clocks through to sand timers and candle clocks. The first mechanical clocks weren’t invented until the early 14th Century.

The development of micro-electronics in the 60s made quartz clocks cheap and easy to produce. By the 1980’s the quartz clock was everywhere.

You can add any of these to your parcel to increase its value: Old advertising clocks, cuccoo clocks, art-deco Bakelite clocks, pendulum, wind-up, bracket clocks, pedestal clocks, wall clocks, brass lanterns, long case clocks, banjo clocks, shelf clocks, unusually shaped winding clocks and old alarm clocks.

If you have a clock that’s not in this list and you’d like to know if you can add it to your parcel, just get in touch. read more

Common Questions

We are happy to buy your old clock with or without its key, please include it in your parcel along with a selection of the otheritems we buy

As a rule of thumb, vintage clocks are those which need to be wound up rather than battery powered ones.

No, we buy clocks cased in a variety of different materials including wood, metal, Bakelite etc.

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