How to sell your costume jewellery

From beads to boxes, broken or tangled, we're happy to take it off your hands.

Examples of the costume jewellery we buy

Everyone has old jewellery that's no longer worn. These pieces go on gathering dust for years. They are difficult to sell on their own. They might be damaged or have missing stones.

Even if they are all tangled up. Save yourself the hassle. Add them to your parcel. That way you can make space for more jewellery and cash to go buy it!

A description of the Vintage Costume Jewellery we buy

You can sell many different types of costume jewellery. We buy chains, earrings, lockets, charm bracelets even if they are read more

Common Questions

Costume jewellery is not usually made of precious metals, natural gemstones, natural pearls or diamonds. Instead it is made of various plastics and other materials.

We will buy items that are broken or have missing stones, even odd earrings.

If your jewellery is tangled, leave it as it is.

Trying to separate the clump may cause accidental damage to one or more of the items. Our seasoned appraisers are accustomed to sorting through jewellery and dainty items.

Save yourself the hassle and leave it to us.

We’re happy to buy small amounts of costume jewellery from you.

All we ask is that you don’t send these pieces in on their own.

If you have just one or two pieces please have a look at the other items we buy to see what else you can put in your parcel with your costume jewellery.

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