Selling your old coins and banknotes

Left over holiday coins and notes, old English money and thousands more.

Samples of the coins and bank notes we buy

Everyone’s got old coins lying around. These can accumulate over time and be difficult to sell.

Add them to your box to boost its value. It’s better then keeping them stuck away in the drawers.

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More information about obsolete coins and banknotes

Sell your old pre-decimal, copper and nickel coins to increase the value of your box we even accept old notes and currency from any country.

Coins have been in circulation since the Roman times as a way of trading. One of the oldest coins in the world is thought to be the Lydian Lion which is more than 2700 years old.

You may not have a Lydian Lion to sell us but we buy all old coins. Including pre-decimal, copper and nickel coins from the good old days.

You can sell any coins no longer in circulation including many types of commemorative coins.

We'll buy old paper money too, old British banknotes and bank notes from around Europe. You can add all types of currency to your box including Pre-Euro currencies such as: Pesetas, Francs, Deutschmarks, Guilders, Drachma, Lira and many more. read more

Common Questions

In most cases the cost of the postage would outweigh the value of the coins.

Old coins and bank notes are often only worth their face value or their weight as scrap metal.

For this reason, we ask that you only include coins as part of a larger parcel or sent in alone in very large quantities (at least 5Kg/11lbs). If you are going to do this we would suggest using a very strong box!

If you have a smaller quantity and no other items to include with your coins, consider putting together a parcel with a friend or family member. You can then combine your items and send them as a single parcel.

Yes! Whether it is coins or bank notes, Deutsche Marks or Turkish Lira, as long as it is no longer in circulation, we buy all foreign currency.

It’s always worth sending in your coins as part of a larger parcel.

Not many coins are worth more than face value, so while they will boost the value of your box, they won’t be worth very much on their own.

Have a look at the other items we buy to see what else to put in your parcel.

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