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A selection of obsolete uk bank notes including a white five pound note, a ten bob note, and a one pound note
Obsolete Currency
A closeup of two cartwheel pennies dated 1979 depicting Britannia on one side and King George the third on the other.
Cartwheel Penny
a collection of loose British copper coins predating 1972
Pre Decimal Copper
nine copper halfpennies loosely arranged, depicting a ship on one face and Queen Elizabeth II on the other
Copper Half Penny's
Three commemorative jubilee crowns in a presentation box. One depicts King Edward VIII, another depicts George V and Mary and the third shows George VI and Elizabeth
Commemorative Crowns
a large selection of mixed loose foreign coins including obsolete coins and pre-euro currency
Mixed Foreign Coinage
A black presentation box containing a set of American coins including silver dollars and some cents
Obsolete Foreign
a collection of UK silver coins dated between 1920 and 1947
British Coins 1920-46
a selection of mixed loose old coins including farthings, half pennies, threepenny bits, sixpences, shillings and half crowns
Mixed Coinage
four silver crown coins, two depicting Queen Victoria, one depicting King George III and one depicting King George IIII
Pre 1919 British Coins
A commemoration coin box set containing pre decimal UK coins
Old Coinage
A collection of mixed, loose foreign bank notes from around the world
Mixed Foreign Banknotes

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Excellent 9.4 out of 10.
See all 2,405 reviews on
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Ann Hughes
Very professional
Very professional, such a simple process to get rid of unwanted items. No Catch, no Con. You can trust these guys.
Jacqueline Grainger
Was pleased with the amount I received.
Was pleased with the amount I received.
Thames Hospice
Fantastic service for the charity
Fantastic service for the charity. Josh was extremely helpful.
Mark Creese
Happy Days
You'll be surprised what that old piece of Junk is worth and how quickly you can turn it into cash!!!
Kay Largent
Excellent service from start to finish
Excellent service from start to finish. Very quick response with an offer. Definitely would recommend to others.
Christine Hinchcliffe
They have a very efficient…
They have a very efficient communication system. I found dealing with the company a very positive experience.
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