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Clutter creeps up on everyone. Why not have a clear out and see if you can find any of these, taking up space in your home?

There are thousands of different items you could include in your parcel. Grab a box today to get started and see how much space you could save.

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Save yourself some space by sending in anything old and interesting thats taking up valuable space in your home.

As you can see we are happy to buy anything old and interesting. If you have items that fall into this category, even if they do not appear on the site, please feel free to send them in. Or give us a call to ask if we buy them.

Some examples include: Old scientific instruments. Old automobillia such as hood ornaments. Very early cameras (pre 1960’s) tribal items and carvings. Binoculars and compasses.

Any old aviation equipment. Old telescopes and hunting equipment. Wax sealing kits, Bakelite items, old knitting and crochet equipment, corkscrews, spectacles, old and unusual ornaments, sewing boxes and much more. read more

Common Questions

It does vary depending on the items but the 1970's and earlier is a good rule of thumb.

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