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Not sure how to sell your Diamond for the best price? We'll buy Diamonds no matter the cut or the carat.

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Selling your Diamonds online couldn't be easier. We buy all types of Diamonds.

From diamond rings to diamond earrings, we buy diamonds of any cut, clarity or shape. Pop your diamonds in the post using our secure free post service to get a professional valuation. Approve the offer and you'll be paid the full amount on the same day. Or you can choose to have your items sent back to you free of charge.

How It Works

1. Send box

Postage is free and insured. So, send whatever you find.

2. Free valuation

Experts value everything from terrific to tat.

3. Speedy payment

Same day payment or items returned for free.

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How to sell your diamonds

We offer a great way to sell diamonds, without any of the hassle or haggling. Just pop them in the post to us, using our fast, free and secure service.

Once we have received your diamonds, we'll appraise them and let you know what the value is. If you want to accept our price we'll give you cash instantly, if not, we'll return your diamonds for free.

Diamonds are the hardest material on Earth. They have been a much sought after and admired gemstone for thousands of years.

Diamonds are found and mined in many countries all over the world. Worldwide deposits are estimated to be some 1.2 billion carats, with Russia boasting the largest reserve.

The Pink Star is the most expensive diamond ever sold. It is a 59.60 carat vivid pink fancy diamond that sold for £54.1 million in 2018. It was first sold at auction in 2013, for £63.1 million, but the buyer defaulted on the deal, so it came back up for auction.

We can't guarantee that you will be able to sell your diamond for quite so much. But we always buy diamonds at a fair price based on current market values.

The demand for second hand diamond jewellery is not always strong, so it can have lower resale value. This can be particularly upsetting if you remember how much you bought your diamonds for.

Diamonds, like cars, often depreciate in value as soon as you've purchased them. That's why we buy diamonds with a free appraisal and free returns service.

We'll even tell you if we think you can sell your diamonds for more money elsewhere. Make a start today, there's nothing to lose and cash to gain.

Sign up now and order your free guide today. Our friendly team are always on hand waiting to answer any questions that you might have.

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Adele Young
Brilliant service
Brilliant service! Very fast and seemingly reliable
Found it to be easy to understand
Found it to be easy to understand, what was worth forwarding or not speedy valuation, posted Monday morning,received Tuesday and given value offer Wednesday, money en-route. Excellent. Brian in Caithness
Excellent all round!
Easy to use, excellent customer service. I sent for an envelope which arrived promptly with clear and easy explanation of what to do next. Sent off and received an email as soon as envelope arrived with the company. Received a very fair offer within hours ...
which I accepted and the money was paid into my account the same day. Brilliant. I would recommend them to anyone
Ms. Angela Silvey
Very pleased with the prompt response
Very pleased with the prompt response. And satisfied with the payment.
Excellent customer support and quick service
Friendly and knowledgeable staff,quick valuation and payment. Would definitely recommend Cashcow
Very satisfied
Saw the advert on Facebook and signed up. A very quick response, details etc arrived through the post promptly. The hardest part was deciding what to put in the box. Once the box was full it was so easy to take to post office. Notice that box had ...
arrived was very welcome. Within a few days a call with the offer. Cheque arrived promptly 2 days later. So easy without fuss. I wished I could have been told how much some of the items were bought for. This would have helped me when filling up another box.
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Clear out, cash in. Order your free guide and free pre-paid postage labels now.

You could have a fortune sitting right under your nose.

Recent UK payouts
Annika A Oxford £123
Debbie L Wolverhampton £55
Gwyneth B Lincoln £68
Helen L Wells £90
Jayne P Wells £167
Joanna B Lichfield £72
John L Durham £55
Phil A Portsmouth £77
Roz W Portsmouth £105
Sue G Lichfield £74
Get your free guide

Clear out, cash in. Order your free guide and free pre-paid postage labels now.

You could have a fortune sitting right under your nose.

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