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Sell your Peg Dolls online to make money.

We buy all types of Peg Dolls. Pop your Peg Dolls in the post using our secure free post service to get a professional valuation. Approve the offer and you'll be paid the full amount on the same day. Or you can choose to have your items sent back to you at no cost.

Vintage Wooden Norway Wood Peg Dolls Bunad Girl And Boy With Hats
Norway Wood Peg Dolls
Vintage Wooden Peg Doll,Pinokio Moving Hands And Feet, Czechoslovakia.
Czechoslovakian Peg Dolls
Vintage Hand Painted Germany Wood Peg Dolls Boy Girl
German Hand Painted
Vintage Wooden Peg Dolls Set Of 3
Wooden Peg Doll Sets
Two Vintage Wood Wooden Dolls Red Cape Poland Hand Made Peg Dolls
Poland Hand Made
Vintage Wood & Leather Sailor 4.5" Boy Doll - Peg Head & Wire Body
Wood & Leather Sailor Doll
Vintage Peg Doll Woman Earrings Folk Art Bowl With Food On Hadhand Made Wood
Peg Doll Woman
Vintage Wooden Peg-Type Jointed 8” Doll
Jointed Peg Doll

How It Works

1. Send box

Postage is free and insured. So, send whatever you find.

2. Free valuation

Experts value everything from terrific to tat.

3. Speedy payment

Same day payment or items returned for free.

Selling your old peg dolls

You can sell your old peg dolls quickly, securely and for free.

Excellent 9.4 out of 10.
See all 3,401 reviews on
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Reviews from people who've used the service
As one of the highest rated companies on TrustPilot, we're proud to show off what our customers have been saying about us.
Really useful service
I've had to clear my parents house ready for sale. Gave a load of stuff to charity but found things like broken gold chains, odd earrings and old coins which would be no use for them. Also loads of costume jewellery from the 60's and old watches. Was well ...
worth it! Posted off my box which they received today, got a great cash offer this afternoon which I accepted and the money has already been paid into my PayPal account! Yes, I might have been able to put the items on ebay etc but that takes time and hassle - this was such a simple, stress free process I highly recommend it if you're doing a house clearance.
Ms Josie Simister
Recommend this for easy way to cash in on clutter
Useful efficient way to de clutter a thanks a stressful time selling a family home
Very easy to deal with and very helpful.
Very easy to deal with and very helpful.
C. J. Wands
Excellent service.
Easy. No hassle. Would have been nice to see an individual breakdown of values but accept that would be time consuming and complicated.
Mrs Kerridge
Great service and excellent way to…
Great service and excellent way to declutter!
lucy Knight
Vintage Cash Cow is a genuine company…
Vintage Cash Cow is a genuine company and that I had a good experience using their service. I saw their advert on Facebook and clicked on it to be taken to their website. I was blown away by the amount of different items that they will take. I decided ...
to try them out as I was bequeathed a lot of stuff by two grannies in the last couple of years that I was unsure what to do with. I sent a lot of costume jewellery to them, including a lot of pieces that were missing their stones. I also sent all the duplicates and coins I wasn't precious about from my coin collection, which had frankly got out of hand after the two bequeathments. I applied on the website on a Friday to receive a pack from them. While waiting for the pack (which arrived the following Wednesday), I did receive a number of phone calls from them, unfortunately missing them all due to being in meetings. The pack they send includes an A4 colour brochure that talks you through the process, the items they take and more importantly, the items they will not take. Enclosed in the pack were a couple of clear plastic seal top bags, two postage labels and two from sender labels. I neatly packed my items into a box, affixed a postage label to one side of the pox and a from sender label to the other side of the box. The postage has already been paid for and the sender label tells the company who sent the package to them. I sent the parcel on Thursday afternoon from my local post office. There is an option to have Parcelforce collect your package for free from a chosen address if you require it. That would be a good idea if your parcel is really heavy and you'd rather not lug it to your local post office. I received a text message on Friday morning from the company to let me know they were in receipt of the parcel and that it would now be sent off for appraisal to a number of experts they have in house. Roll on to Monday morning and I had a call to say the package had been appraised. The gentleman on the phone made a point at the beginning of the call to ask if I wanted any of the items I sent them to be returned, which they would return for free. I said no as they were no good to me. He then proceeded to break down how much money each type of product was worth to them before telling me the final amount they were willing to offer me. The amount was more than I thought it would be so I accepted their offer. The gentleman took my bank details over the phone and said the payment would be made before 6pm that day. The payment found its way into my account at 5.13pm that day. I am impressed by the business model and the fact that it is completely no risk and free to use from start to finish. It felt personal and that the company genuinely cared about giving me great service. I am only sorry I didn't take the chap's name down to praise his great telephone manner! If you are sat in a sea of what you believe to be tat, check out their website. You may be pleasantly surprised!
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Clear out, cash in. Order your free guide and free pre-paid postage labels now.

You could have a fortune sitting right under your nose.

Recent UK payouts
David G Carlisle £155
Doreen P Peterborough £65
John W Gloucester £156
Kathleen J Leeds £275
Maureen M Lichfield £62
Mike A Durham £72
Morag G Truro £83
Norman S Lichfield £225
Rosemary P Sunderland £85
Sheralee J Liverpool £67
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Clear out, cash in. Order your free guide and free pre-paid postage labels now.

You could have a fortune sitting right under your nose.

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