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Gold, Silver, Platinum - what a great time to clear out your jewellery box.

Pictures of the gold, silver and platinum pieces we buy

Have you got gold and silver jewellery you no longer wear? Maybe it's broken and no good to you any more?

If you add it to your parcel you can be guaranteed it will collect cash instead of dust.

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A description of the gold, silver and platinum pieces we buy

You can add any gold, silver or platinum items to your box for a boost in value. It doesn't matter if they are broken or damaged.

Did you know more steel is poured per hour than gold has been poured since the beginning of recorded history. For this reason gold is considered a precious metal. It never rusts and is pretty resilient to damage. Unfortunately that doesn't help you recover that lost earring!

You can add any items made of precious metal to your box. It’s a great opportunity to go through your jewelry box and make some cash from that broken chain you were keeping.

Cut rings, dental gold, tangled jewellery, missing stones or gems, even if its gold or silver plated. No matter the condition or the carat any precious metals will boost the value of your parcel. read more

Common Questions

It is perfectly safe to send your precious metals in the post. Make sure you choose a box that’s strong enough to accommodate your items.

Tape all the edges of the box top and bottom. Make sure you fill any empty spaces in your parcel with packing materials. This will make your box strong and will keep your items safe in the post.

Still not feeling happy about sending your precious metals in the post?

No need to worry!

As well as offering free postage via our pre-paid labels, we also offer free collections from Parcel Force.

Parcel Force will collect direct from your door so there is no need to walk through town with your parcel.

Yes, we will always make an offer on these items so feel free to include them in your parcel.
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