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Scalextric C64 Shop Fresh Black Bentley from the US, unusual head lights
C64 Black Bentley Scalextric
scalextric startex Healey mega rare nice original condition
Startex Healey Scalextric
scalextric fiat TC 600 made in Spain green almost perfect
Fiat TC 600 Scalextric
Scalextric French E/5 Marshal Car in Black, super condition and in original box
Scalextric E/5 Marshal Car
Scalextric C88 Blue Cooper, ultra Rare Car, only produced as a set car from Haml
C88 Blue Cooper Scalextric
Scalextric C60 Jaguar D Type very early pre production car, ultra rare car.
D Type Jaguar C60 Scalextric
Scalextric 24F/400 124 Drivers set boxed, drivers in mint condition, very very r
24F/400 124 Drivers Scalextric Set
Scalextric Ultra Rare White Bentley Pre Production car, mint
Pre Production Bentley Scalextric
Scalextric Ultra Rare Bentley pre production in Blue, see page 398 ultmate guide
Vintage Bentley Scalextric
Scalextric Super 124 Ace Series E Type Jaguar in White, boxed and car is totally
E Type Jaguar 124 Scalextric
scalextric Bugatti original excellent original condition
Vintage Bugatti Scalextric
Scalextric C70 Bugatti, super rare car with box.
Bugatti C70 Scalextric
Scalextric Aston Martin wooden mould for Aston Martin, Megga rare
Aston Martin Scalextric
Scalextric C71 Auto Union in Ultra Rare Green, one only.
Auto Union C71 Scalextric
1960s Auto Union C96 Scalextric

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