Selling your silver jewellery

Sell your silver jewellery to make extra money for the more important things in life.

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Whether you’re clearing out your jewellery box or ‘disinheriting’ things passed down by your less fashionable relatives, we’ve got you covered.

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More information about selling silver jewellery

Selling your silver jewellery is a great option. You’ll make some more money for the things that are important to you. It doesn’t matter what your jewellery Looks like. We guarantee we’ll give it a new home.

Silver jewellery has a reputation for being refined and timeless. The classic lustre of silver makes for gorgeous jewellery but it’s also difficult to care for.

Over time silver tends to get tarnished. It also breaks more easily than gold because it’s a softer metal.

Most silver jewellery has a hallmark, if there’s a 925 stamped onto the piece somewhere, it’s likely to be silver.

Some more modern pieces of jewellery have a small tag attached with the number 925 on it. This is less likely to be silver. The best way to check is with a magnet. If the jewellery sticks to the magnet it’s not silver.

Interesting fact: Because silver is a soft metal it has to be alloyed with a tougher metal when it’s made into jewellery. Usually copper. This is why it’s called sterling silver. The 925 hallmark refers to the purity of the metal which is usually 92.5% silver, the other 7.5% represents the alloy.

You can add all types of silver jewellery to your box. When you sell to us we’ll make sure your jewellery is safe from your door stop to ours with our free, secure courier service.

You can send silver chains, pendants and lockets. Silver rings, and earrings. Silver bangles, bracelets and charm bracelets. Silver brooches and watch chains. We’ll buy it all.

We’ll accept your jewellery even if it’s tangled, tarnished, broken, or missing stones.

That’s not all either. We also buy Silver plated jewellery, Gold jewellery, And costume jewellery, read more

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