Selling your rings

Selling rings can be complicated. We’re here to make it easy. Here’s everything you need to know.

Pictures of the types of rings we buy

Unlike many other pieces of jewellery, rings are hard to sell. This is because, rings, like cars, decrease in value as soon as you wear or use them.

Look through the pictures here to see the types of rings we often buy. Then scroll down to find out more about selling your rings.

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How to sell your rings

Rings and diamond rings in particular, are difficult to sell. There are many factors that influence their value. If you bought your ring on the high street there’s a good chance it’s Not worth what you once paid for it.

Unless rings are unusual or from a particularly iconic era they are likely to only be worth their weight in the metal they are made from. For instance, when selling a modern gold wedding band, you’ll likely be told it’s weight as scrap gold and quoted a price for the scrap.

We understand rings often have high sentimental value. So we don’t want you to send your rings unless you are definitely happy to part with them.

We buy rings of all shapes and sizes, all kinds of metals, even if they are broken or missing stones. We even accept rings that have had to be cut off. Unless you’ve got a very unusual one, you won’t be jet-setting around the world on what you make from your ring. But it will boost the value of any box you send in. read more

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