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Selling Propelling Pencils online is now easier than ever. We'll buy all types of Propelling Pencils.

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Not sure how to sell your Propelling Pencil? We buy all Propelling Pencils.

If you have any Propelling Pencils lying around the house, they could be worth a lot of money. Send them to us using our free postage service. Our in house experts will let you know how much they are worth. Accept the offer to get paid the same day, or request to have your items returned to you at no cost.

metal silver propelling pencil
black green gold propelling pencil
Pelikan Propelling Pencils
silver vintage propelling pencil
Porche Propelling Pencils
metal silver propelling pencil
Yards O Led Propelling Pencils
black gold vintage propelling pencil
Cross Classic
Boxed coloured Harrods bridge propelling pencils
Harrods Bridge
gold metal WAHL eversharp propelling pencils
WAHL Eversharp
Gold vintage sheaffer targa propelling pencils
Sheaffer Targa
silver vintage IAMY propelling pencil
IAMY Propelling Pencil
black vintage Fyne propelling pencil
Fyne Propelling Pencil
black vintage Montblanc propelling pencil
Montblanc Propelling Pencil
green red vintage propelling pencil pairs
Propelling Pencil Pairs

How It Works

1. Send box

Postage is free and insured. So, send whatever you find.

2. Free valuation

Experts value everything from terrific to tat.

3. Speedy payment

Same day payment or items returned for free.

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Excellent 9.4 out of 10.
See all 3,401 reviews on
Selling propelling pencils to us

Selling propelling pencils used to be difficult. They are hard to sell on their own as they aren't usually valuable. Because we have a network of collectors we are able to buy your propelling pencils.

One pencil on its own probably won't make you a lot of money. If you add your propelling pencils to a box of the other items we buy your cash reward will be larger.

We buy all branded propelling pencils, Parker pencils, Waterman pencils, Pelican pencils, Yard O Lead pencils to name just a few. We'll buy them with or without lead and in any condition.

We also buy gold propelling pencils, gold plated propelling pencils, silver propelling pencils and silver plated propelling pencils. These are sometimes worth more than branded propelling pencils.

Take a look at the other items we buy, there are thousands of other things you can put in a box with your propelling pencils.

Reviews from people who've used the service
As one of the highest rated companies on TrustPilot, we're proud to show off what our customers have been saying about us.
Ramesh Myanger
Very helpful
Personnel attention ,very courtious
Excellent, I have no reservations in recommending Vintage Cash Cow.. Shall be dealing with them again soon.
Linda Button
What a brilliant idea this is
What a brilliant idea this is ! quick and easy and really good people to deal with I would recommend them
Veronica Gorcewicz
Hi David, ...
Thank you for your email. Yes I did. Yes I would love to give feedback and before I start can I just say that you have come up with a spectacular idea here well done. I first spotted your Vintage ad etc on Facebook. I looked at the comments and because of so many scams around on Facebook and elsewhere you are wary. I left it and went back to it. It then mentioned in the comments that you are trusted and to go to your website etc you can understand that people are wary. I looked at the website as something was pulling me towards it and I thought extra money! I requested a catalogue and signed up. I then started to receive text informing me of every stage which I then thought ok maybe this is real lets wait. I then told my sister I got a catalogue for old stuff and she had a look. I told her i had some stuff and would get it out. The catalogue and all was amazing the pictures are fantastic and it shows you EXACTLY what you pay for. I told her I would send them off and if it was a scam or something the items were rubbish so i would not be bothered if they are kept and it was a scam BUT: The Catalogue is amazing. The pictures are fab and all the instructions just clear. The way you inform people is very impressive and you tell people every stage of the process which is great as in a way I was hoping that it was real and maybe i could get something back. I got a message that you got my parcel and you would let me know within 24 hours etc. I then got a call. The gentlemen I spoke to today were extremely lovely and so helpful. I appreciate the fact the you call people and even tell them listen you can put this on eBay and you can get more that is amazing that you are truthful. You have professional people who look at the items and access them. I am very impressed with the Service and hope to find some more stuff to send to you. This is a fantastic Idea and I wish you loads of success with it people can make alot of money from rubbish. I got ten pounds which is more than I expected that will do for a nice Chinese on Friday cheers. Very delighted thank you VERY MUCH. Best Wishes Veronica
Delighted in Brum!
I've never done anything like this before and understandably was a little dubious about sending off some pre-loved items to a totally unknown company. I needn't have worried, however, because they were true to their word and kept me informed every step of ...
the way with courtesy and kindness. I was pleased to receive enough money to pay the deposit for a singing holiday I like to go on. Now to see what else I can find!
elizabeth lewis
excellent service
easy to use service with excellent communication and help
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You could have a fortune sitting right under your nose.

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You could have a fortune sitting right under your nose.

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