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Not sure how to sell your Rings? We buy all Rings.

If you have any Rings lying around the house, they could be worth a lot of money. Send them to us using our free postage service. Our in house experts will let you know how much they are worth. Accept the offer to get paid the same day, or request to have your items returned to you at no cost.

A silver solitaire ring in a vintage leather case.
Platinum Solitaire Rings
A selection of Marcasite rings
Marcasite Rings
A vintage silver marcusite and coral dress ring in original box.
Vintage Coral Rings
a vintage cluster ring in its original box.
Cluster Rings
A vintage silver millefiori ring.
Millefiori Rings
Three marcasite rings with semi precious stones in them.
Stone Set Marcasite
A vintage mens dress ring set with garnets and an opal.
Vintage Dress Rings
Three unusually shaped vintage rings
Unusually Shaped Rings
A broken silver ring set with emeralds.
Broken Rings
Three claw set cluster rings with blue stones, red stones and green stones.
Claw Set Cluster Rings
A butterfly ring set with multicolored glass stones.
Chunky Costume
A selection of three chunky silver marcasite vintage rings.
Vintage Marcasite
Three chunky silver vintage rings one with engraved pattern.
Chunky Silver Rings
Three unusual vintage rings.
Unusual Rings
two stone set and one vintage cluster ring.
Stone Set Rings
Three silver fashion ring with various coloured stones
Silver Fashion Rings
A vintage hand painted Art Deco sterling silver ring.
Vintage Art Deco Rings
Three stone set vintage rings.
Stone Set Rings
Two vintage rings. One with sapphire and one with Marcasite
Vintage Rings
A silver band ring with blue enamel.
Enamelled Rings
Four gold plated silver rings set with various coloured stones.
Gold Plated Silver Rings
A collection of agate coral and amber rings.
Rings With Large Stones
Vintage Tigers Eye Solid Silver 925 Ring Size M 1/2 (238)
Tigers Eye
Solid Silver Marcasite Chalcedony Gemstone Ring Size O Vintage ? Vintage Style
Marcasite Gemstone
Vintage Silver Gilt Hallmarked Ring. Small Sapphire.Possible Small Diamonds.
Silver Gilt Ring
Vintage 9Ct Gold & Silver Eternity Ring - Uk Size M
Eternity Ring
Vintage/Antique 9Ct Gold Cameo Ring
Cameo Ring
925 Sterling Silver Art Deco / Vintage 1.5 White Sapphire Accent Cushion Ring N
Sapphire Accent
Vintage Sterling Silver Turquoise Ring Size M
Turquoise Ring
Vintage 9 Ct Gold 1 Ctw Garnet Tiered Cluster Ring, Uk Size M, Us 6 1/4
Tiered Cluster Ring

How It Works

1. Send box

Postage is free and insured. So, send whatever you find.

2. Free valuation

Experts value everything from terrific to tat.

3. Speedy payment

Same day payment or items returned for free.

Why wait any longer? Sell your rings and other vintage items.

Wondering how you can sell your old rings from money? Selling your vintage rings to us is fast, simple and secure.

If you have a lot of old rings cluttering up your jewellery box, then why not have a clear out and cash them in?

We buy any vintage jewellery including rings. So if you have any old wedding rings, engagement rings, or promise rings, then package them up and send them to us.

Rings can symbolize many different things. Which finger and which hand you wear them on also holds significance.

Most people are familiar with wedding rings being worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. In some cultures the wedding ring is actually worn on the fourth finger on the right hand instead.

The middle finger is the most common finger on which to wear rings. Some say that rings on this finger show a sense of balance and responsibility.

It is a more modern fashion statement to wear rings on your pinkie finger or your index finger. Rings can add glamour and class to an outfit, showing style, without being too forceful.

Selling your rings can be a nice way to make a bit of cash fast, even if you just want to use the money to update your current jewellery collection. Don't let your old rings gather dust on your dressing table any longer, send them to us.

We buy all rings, whatever the shape, size or significance. Signet rings, eternity rings, birthstone rings, mourning rings and infinity rings. We accept any kind of ring, even toe rings!

Our fast free service is a quick and easy way to sell your vintage rings for money. Just pop them in the post to us, then wait for our appraisers to make you an offer. Accept the offer to get paid the same day, or we will return you rings to you for free.

Contact us now and order your free guide today. Our friendly team are always on hand waiting to answer any questions that you might have.

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Reviews from people who've used the service
As one of the highest rated companies on TrustPilot, we're proud to show off what our customers have been saying about us.
Pens and currency
Very helpful service in evaluating items of my late husband's collection over many years . It was helpful to be able to talk to an assessor about some items. Have recommended to others
pete Young
A Brilliant service that i could personally trust to use
I must say i don't normally use online services but thought i would give Vintagecashcow a go ,What a brilliant service , There was no pressure from start to finish , I was informed of every stage of our transaction , I would certainly use their company ...
again and would certainly recommend them to friends and family .
Gillian Harris
Very pleased with what I received.
Sent away my oddments free postage,and within days received an offer that was very generous.
N Corner
Excellent experience
Excellent experience - received a call after receipt and they were very good to explain everything. Would highly recommend.
Lorraine Wilkerson
A tight little ship !
From the moment I received the Vintagecashcow pack it was clear that this was an efficient and experienced organisation. The brochure sent in the pack was bright, clear and informative. Individual plastic pockets separated types of items during collection ...
and the courier pick-up was quick and efficient. I was informed when my items arrived and was sent an offer within 24 hours. This is where the only negative comment slips in! I was rather disappointed with the offer since I had thought the nostalgic keepsakes of my family's past might be worth rather more. However on reflection it would be a great hassle to try and seek out buyers for the items and a car boot sale would probably raise less, so I decided to accept. The money was in my account within a day . All my dealings with the company and its staff have been friendly and helpful. I would certainly use Vintage CashCows again and would definitely recommend it as a well organised and reliable service.
John Wrigley
Nice people with whom to deal.
Nice people with whom to deal. Did exactly as they advertised, their service was so quick it was almost untrue. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to dispose of surplus valuables.
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Clear out, cash in. Order your free guide and free pre-paid postage labels now.

You could have a fortune sitting right under your nose.

Recent UK payouts
Barbara C Birmingham £123
Betty O Preston £68
Beverley H Ely £38
Carol M Lancaster £105
Claire B Cambridge £225
Jeanette A Plymouth £107
Julie B Preston £105
Linda W Winchester £67
Patricia B York £78
Susan W Wells £177
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Clear out, cash in. Order your free guide and free pre-paid postage labels now.

You could have a fortune sitting right under your nose.

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