we buy gold plated items

All that glitters might not be gold, but gold plated things are still valuable. Add anything gold plated to your box today.

Examples of the gold plated items we buy

Gold plate is hiding everywhere. It's those cufflinks from the 80's you don't wear any more.

Or what about that gold plated bangle you used to love that's now covered in mysterious dents! Whatever the piece and whatever the condition add anything that's gold plated to your box.

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More details on gold plate

Gold plated items will always increase the value of your box. We’ll buy a huge range of items from gold plated bangles to cufflinks and trinket boxes.

After WWI many people could not afford gold so rolled gold and gold plate became popular. Many homes still have these items.

Sell us things like gold plated: Powder puffs, compacts, and perfume bottles. Card cases, cigarette cases and snuff boxes. Trinket boxes, chains, bracelets, charm bracelets. Dressing table sets, rings, earrings, brooches, cufflinks, bangles, lockets.

If it looks like gold and it’s just taking up valuable space, send it in, even if it's broken. read more

Common Questions

We will buy gold plated items in almost any condition.

Even dented, scratched or broken.

Add any gold plated items to your parcel along with any of the other items we buy

It’s difficult for the untrained eye to tell.

If there are signs of discoloration or heavy wear then it's likely the item is gold plated rather than solid gold.

An item may be rolled or filled gold instead of gold plated. We buy those too.

Our expert appraisers will be more than happy to assess your items and let you know what they are made of, once they have been properly tested.

There is not much difference between gold plate, rolled gold and filled gold. They are different methods of attaching the gold to the base metal.

The karat or fineness of the gold tend to differ in each of the processes, but it's difficult to tell how much gold content your item has until it's tested.

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