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Vintage Leitz Leica Ii Black Paint 35Mm Rangefinder Camera - No Returns
Leitz Leica Ii
Leitz Leica M3 Vintage Double Stroke Camera & Elmar 5Cm / 50Mm 1:3.5 Lens + Case
Leitz Leica M3
Leitz Leica Iiif, Vintage 35Mm Camera + 3X Lens Elmar 35 50 90 Mm + Viewfinder
Leitz Leica Iiif
Vintage Original Germany Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Leica Camera Empty Leather Case #3
Leica Leather Case
Vintage 1951 Leica Iiif Rangefinder Camera With Summitar F=5Cm 1:2 Lens
Leica Iiif
Leitz Leica Iiic Drp, Vintage 35Mm Camera Body, Red Dial, No.463982, 1948-1949
Leitz Leica Iiic Drp
Leica Cl Vintage 35Mm Rangefinder Camera Body, Leitz Wetzlar Japan, Dbp/Us-Pat
Leica Cl

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