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Our Tips for Increasing Your Offer

Our Tips for Increasing Your Offer
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So, you're putting together a box of old valuables to send to us at Vintage Cash Cow - that's great! But did you know that you could make your box worth even more by adding in some additional items you may have overlooked?

Spotting the treasures is what we do best, so you don’t have to worry about identifying your valuables yourself. In fact, our service really shines when we have a good amount of items to look through. We tend to make our best offers on a real variety of items, so it’s worth packing your box to the fullest and letting us come back to you with a free, no-obligation offer for everything.

In this short guide, we'll explore the importance of looking beyond the obvious and increasing the value of your offer with some unexpected items. From vintage cameras to antique clocks, let's delve into some top tips for increasing your offer value.

What Kind of Things Can You Include in Your Box?

At Vintage Cash Cow we're all about treasure hunting, so don’t limit yourself to just jewellery and coins! We accept a whole array of items that could significantly bump up the value of your offer.

We challenge our customers to think beyond the ordinary and consider adding all kinds of trinkets and treasures, including (but not limited to):

  • Vintage sunglasses

  • Brass items

  • Vintage cameras

  • Binoculars

  • Clocks

  • Enamel signs

  • Vintage tools

  • Typewriters

  • Musical instruments

  • Dressing table sets

Including exciting finds like these can really add some sparkle to your box and increase its overall value - helping you clear some clutter and boost your bank balance in the process. 

The Hidden Value of Hidden Treasures

Think that ugly pewter teapot or dusty record player in the attic is worthless? Think again! At Vintage Cash Cow, we specialise in uncovering hidden gems just like these. So, before you dismiss those vintage or antique items as clutter, take a closer look and add them to your box!

We recommend looking through our website and checking out the items we buy sections - you’ll be amazed at the things we consider valuable - and if you have no love for these items anyway, then adding them to your box to boost its value, just makes sense!

We’ve been a part of some truly amazing discoveries at Vintage Cash Cow, from rare fountain pens that were stuffed in an old shoebox for decades to vintage dolls that were hidden at the back of a wardrobe and long forgotten, there’s no telling what kind of unassuming or inconspicuous treasures you might have sitting at home or might consider to be just junk. 

What About The Postage?

Sending your box to Vintage Cash Cow is straightforward, and we pride ourselves on keeping the process simple. There’s no need to stress about complicated postage calculations or hefty fees - even when your box is filled with potential treasures. No matter how jam-packed your box is, you’ll still pay the same postage cost. And if you're too busy to make a trip to the post office, we can even collect your box from you.

Final Thoughts

Adding extra items to your Vintage Cash Cow box is a brilliant idea! Those vintage and antique treasures you may overlook could boost the value of your offer. So, start your own treasure hunt and add all those inconspicuous items to your box today! 

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