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Uncovering Hidden Treasures: Rare Finds Discovered By Vintage Cash Cow

Uncovering Hidden Treasures: Rare Finds Discovered By Vintage Cash Cow
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Tucked away in the nooks and crannies of our homes, under layers of dust and decades of memories, lie hidden treasures waiting to be discovered.

Imagine finding a rare piece of history in your attic or uncovering a piece of jewellery in a box that's worth more than you could have ever imagined. This post isn't just about the objects themselves; it's about the thrill of discovery and the realisation that our homes can harbour secrets of significant value!

Spotlight on Rare Items

Here at Vintage Cash Cow, we’ve been a part of some amazing discoveries and we see how everyday individuals have found incredible items right under their noses, proving that sometimes, the search for treasure doesn't take us further than our own front door. 

Let's dive into the excitement and take a closer look at some of our greatest and rarest finds, reminding us that sometimes, the greatest treasures are found in the most unexpected places!

Inconspicuous Cherry Bakelite Necklaces

At Vintage Cash Cow, we see a lot of jewellery with a lot of history. But nothing is more exciting than coming across a piece of inconspicuous jewellery that to the untrained eye, looks completely average. 

Tucked away in jewellery boxes or perhaps forgotten in an attic corner, Cherry Bakelite necklaces are like hidden time capsules from a bygone era. These necklaces, with their warm, cherry-red beads that seem to glow with an inner light, are much more than just pretty accessories. They're snapshots of a groundbreaking moment in history – the birth of Bakelite, the world's first synthetic plastic, in the early 20th century. 

This innovation didn't just change the world of materials; it transformed fashion, making stylish jewellery accessible to everyone, not just the elite.

Cherry Bakelite's rich hue and inviting warmth make these necklaces stand out. They can be simple, with beads that shine like little cherries on a string, or intricate, with elaborate carvings that tell stories of art and imagination from the 1920s and 1930s. But it's not just about how they look or feel; it's about what they represent. These necklaces are pieces of history, embodying the optimism and creativity of an era that believed in progress and the beauty of innovation.

At first glance, a Cherry Bakelite necklace might not scream 'treasure.' But therein lies its magic. These unassuming strands of history carry within them the potential for surprise and delight. Imagine discovering one of these vintage gems and realizing that its value goes far beyond its simple appearance. It's a little piece of the past, alive with stories and waiting to be appreciated once again. In the world of hidden treasures, Cherry Bakelite necklaces remind us that sometimes, the most extraordinary finds come in the most modest packages.

An Unassuming Case: Avery & Sons Needle Case

Discovering an Avery & Sons Needle Case, particularly the Beatrice 6 Section Accordion style, is like uncovering a rare jewel hidden within the folds of family history or tucked away in the corners of an attic. Dated back to 1867 and named after Beatrice, the daughter of Queen Victoria, this needle case is not just a sewing accessory but a tangible piece of Victorian-era history.

The significance of finding such a piece cannot be overstated. Avery & Sons were known for their quality and innovation in producing sewing necessities during a time when sewing was not just a hobby but a crucial household task. The Beatrice needle case, with its intricate accordion-style sections, was designed not just for functionality but with an elegance that reflected the Victorian fascination with beauty and craftsmanship in everyday objects.


The chance discovery of such a niche collectable item highlights the potential treasures that lie dormant in our everyday surroundings. The Avery & Sons Beatrice needle case we found at Vintage Cash Cow is a perfect example of how the past can surprise and delight us in the most unexpected ways, providing a tangible connection to the lives and stories of those who came before us.

Once in a Lifetime Find: Men's Enicar Sherpa Ultra-Dive Compressor Case Wristwatch 

Finding a Men's Enicar Sherpa Ultra-Dive wristwatch in an old drawer or inherited collection is like uncovering a treasure trove of history and adventure. This watch, with its compressor case design, is a hallmark of innovation from the 1960s, embodying the era's passion for exploration—both above and below the sea.

The Enicar Sherpa Ultra-Dive isn't just notable for its technical prowess; it's a piece of wearable history. The brand itself, known for crafting durable and precise watches, has always been a favourite among adventurers and professionals alike. The Ultra-Dive models, in particular, are celebrated for their reliability and distinctive aesthetic, featuring bold dials and unique case designs that set them apart from other dive watches of their time.

At Vintage Cash Cow, we were thrilled to discover such a fantastic find. It's a perfect example of why selling old watches, even those that don't work, can be incredibly worthwhile. Each watch has a story, a history, and a potential value that might surprise you.

Dazzling Art Deco: Butler & Wilson Vintage Brooches - The Bellboy Waiter Deco Style

For us at Vintage Cash Cow, discovering a Butler & Wilson vintage brooch is always a thrilling moment. These statement pieces have a special place in the vintage fashion market, appealing to collectors and style enthusiasts alike for their boldness and beauty.

Butler & Wilson, a brand synonymous with bold, imaginative designs and exceptional craftsmanship, has been adorning the world of accessories since the 1960s. Their pieces are not just jewellery; they're wearable art, reflecting the flamboyant and eccentric spirit of their creators.

The Bellboy Waiter brooch is a quintessential example of Butler & Wilson's unique approach to design. It combines the opulence of Art Deco with whimsy and flair, creating a piece that's both eye-catching and endearingly quirky. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these brooches often feature a mix of vibrant enamels and sparkling crystals, bringing the characters they depict to life with a sense of movement and personality.

Childsplay: A 1960s Vintage Sasha Doll With Blue Eyes & No Philtrum

Stumbling upon a 1960s vintage Sasha doll, especially one with those distinctive blue eyes and lacking a philtrum, is like rediscovering a cherished chapter of childhood for many. The Sasha Doll, iconic in the realm of collectable toys, stands out not just for its aesthetic appeal but for the craftsmanship and vision behind its creation. 

These dolls, envisioned by Swiss artist Sasha Morgenthaler, were born from a desire to create a plaything that reflected real childlike innocence and diversity, breaking the mould of the traditionally stylised dolls of the era.

Sasha Dolls, first introduced in the 1960s, quickly became beloved across the globe, not merely as toys but as collector's items. Each doll, meticulously crafted, features hand-painted details, making them truly one-of-a-kind. The absence of a philtrum – the vertical groove between the base of the nose and the border of the upper lip – in some dolls adds to their uniqueness and desirability.

At Vintage Cash Cow, we've seen firsthand the surprise and delight that comes with discovering the value of old toys, especially ones as special as Sasha Dolls. Many of us keep these treasures from our childhood tucked away, not realizing the potential worth they hold!

Capturing History: Newman Sinclair Autokine 35mm CINE CAMERA

Unearthing a Newman Sinclair Autokine 35mm CINE CAMERA, particularly one from around 1927 equipped with a Cooke Speed Panchro 35mm F/2 lens, is like discovering a hidden portal to the golden age of cinema.

The Newman Sinclair Autokine cine camera stands out for its robust design and mechanical precision, making it a favourite among filmmakers. Designed for field use, its durable build and reliability made it an indispensable tool for newsreel and documentary filmmakers who needed equipment that could withstand the rigours of on-location shooting.

Each Newman Sinclair Autokine camera was crafted with an attention to detail and quality that is rare in today's digital age. Its rarity lies not just in its age but in its contribution to the craft of filmmaking, serving as a reminder of the mechanical ingenuity that laid the groundwork for modern cinema.

At Vintage Cash Cow, we're always excited to come across such extraordinary pieces. The Newman Sinclair Autokine cine camera is a perfect example of the treasures that many might overlook as mere old junk. Yet, to those in the know, it's a highly coveted artefact, a collectable that represents the pinnacle of vintage filmmaking technology!

Moments from History: WW2 Royal Australian Airforce Medal Group with Papers

Hidden in the depths of attics, nestled in forgotten boxes, or tucked away in drawers, many people unknowingly possess valuable pieces of history. One such treasure is the World War II Royal Australian Airforce Medal Group, complete with papers. These medals are not just fabric and metal; they are potent symbols of valour and history, whose worth often goes unrecognised by their holders.

At Vintage Cash Cow, we've seen time and again how surprised and delighted people are when they discover the financial and historical worth of what they assumed was just old military regalia.

The set’s rarity and its direct link to the personal stories of servicemen and women make it particularly special. The accompanying papers enrich these medals, offering a glimpse into the individual’s role and experiences during the war, elevating the set from mere objects to a personal narrative of heroism and duty.

Ink and Elegance: The Montblanc Meisterstück Fountain Pen with 18ct White Gold Nib

There's something timeless about the smooth glide of a fountain pen across paper, and when it comes to combining this elegance with unparalleled craftsmanship, Montblanc stands in a league of its own. 

The Montblanc Meisterstück fountain pen, particularly the variant with an 18ct white gold nib, is not just a writing instrument; it's a masterpiece of design and engineering, embodying the prestige and tradition of one of the world's most renowned pen makers. 

Montblanc, with its century-old history, has always been synonymous with luxury and excellence. The Meisterstück, meaning "masterpiece" in German, lives up to its name. Introduced in the 1920s, this pen quickly became a symbol of high society and intellectual status. Its sleek, navy casing is instantly recognizable, and the 18ct white gold nib is not merely a tool but a work of art, offering a writing experience that is as smooth as it is refined.

At Vintage Cash Cow, the discovery of a Montblanc Meisterstück fountain pen with an 18ct white gold nib was an incredible moment. It serves as a powerful reminder of the hidden gems that many of us may have without realizing their true value. Such findings highlight why exploring and reassessing the worth of items we own or inherit is so rewarding.

Embark on Your Own Treasure Hunt!

There's something truly magical about discovering treasures hidden right under our noses, transforming the familiar corners of our homes into treasure troves of history and value. It's these moments of surprise and delight that reminds us of the stories and craftsmanship woven into everyday objects. 

From the timeless elegance of a Montblanc Meisterstück fountain pen to the poignant history captured in a World War II Royal Australian Airforce Medal Group, we've seen firsthand the excitement that comes with rediscovering what we already own. 

At Vintage Cash Cow, we've had the joy of uncovering some incredible finds, each with its own tale to tell - why not start your own treasure hunt at home today?

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