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Dandy Declutterers

A retro lady crying

Declutter the Guilt

Kate is a regular guest poster here at Vintage Cash Cowriosities. She’s a professional organiser and declutterer, and blogs over at A Tidy Mind what she doesn’t know about decluttering isn’t worth knowing.


Today Kate is talking to us about the guilt associated with decluttering and gives some sound advice on what to do with the things you feel guilty letting go of.


Over to Kate for one of the best posts you’ll read this year…


A recycling sign with vines

65 Things you can recycle right now

Recycling isn’t just about putting your rubbish in the right bins. It can also be about repairing things that were broken to get as much use out of them as possible, or using your old stuff to make new stuff, or donating or selling your things to make sure they get recycled and re-used instead of being thrown away.


Because it’s world recycling day, I’m here to dish the dirt on donating, upcycling, re-using, life hacking, selling and recycling 65 things you probably didn’t know could be recycled.


A vintage lady looking at a dress

Release the power of your wardrobe!

At Vintage Cash Cow we buy A LOT of old things, but we don’t buy clothes, so we often get asked for advice on where clothes can be sold or donated.


So I got hold of Rowan Martin who owns Preloved Reloved Clothes. I thought she’d have some great tips on clearing your wardrobe and making some extra cash for your efforts. I was not wrong!


An icon of a person throwing something away

65 Things you can throw away right now

Sometimes junk hides in plain sight. I’m just as guilty of collecting it as anyone else. So I’ve put this list together of 65 things you can throw away right now.


Before I begin this mammoth list I have a confession to make. Strictly speaking, these aren’t all things you can throw away. The good news is that you might be able to make money selling some of them.