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How do Vintage Cash Cow test gold?

How do Vintage Cash Cow test gold?
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His name is Charman, Antony Charman, and he’s here to test your metal… literally, Antony is an expert, he loves to talk about what he does, and he’s recently made friends with the History Channel team. If that’s not a recipe for intriguing videos, I don’t know what is! Here Antony tells you all about how we test gold at Vintage Cash Cow.

In this video, Antony explains how he tests metal with a 'golden gun.' Click play to see Antony strutting his stuff or read on for the transcript.

What is the golden gun?

So this is our Thermo Nuclear Metal Analyser. Very reliable, very good.

The problem nowadays is that there are so many products that look like gold and feel like gold, and they have to check them with something like this to be 100% sure of the quality of gold and the cartage.

How does testing gold work?

Take the piece of metal, and place it over the little window here. Once we’ve done that, it’s analysed.

We look on the back here, it’s telling us that the gold plate is not detected It will tell me it’s a 9-carat piece of gold.

We use what we call the government hallmarking chart, which is issued by the government. Moreover, 9-carat gold comes under 375 which means it’s 375 parts per thousand gold.

These are the things we check against so that we know when the products come in. Also, we’re not buying something that doesn’t have any gold in it. We know we’re paying the correct amount of money for the items and the gold that’s in them.

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