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Antony spills the beans on his appraisal challenge

Antony spills the beans on his appraisal challenge
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If you've only just joined us, you may have missed the one where one of our senior vintage experts Antony Charman went up against our metal testing gun. Courtesy of the History Channel.

Well, once the cameras stopped rolling I followed Antony around like some kind of obsessed fan asking question after question. Want the inside scoop? Read on, I’ve got you covered. 

A mini interview with Antony Charman

How long have you been using a golden gun?

Antony: Since James Bond introduced me to it ten years ago :p

How did you know the clock was silver even though it had no hallmarks?

A: Ah the lovely Basket Weave clock — well that’s many many years of experience my dear. No, really it’s all about the touch and feel of the item. 

Are all gold coloured Omega watches made with real gold?

A: No is the short answer. 

Tell us more about the 1937 gold coronation medal, how rare is it?

A: It’s very rare, one of only 5,000 coronation medals ever made and produced in gold. Very rare.

How did you know the melon cutter was silver even though it looked gold?

A: Because it had a great big silver hallmark on it! It had a lion on it.

I thought you said it didn’t have a hallmark?

A: No, it did have a hallmark, it was the basket weave clock that didn’t have a hallmark. 

Why do you test pearls with your teeth?

A: Because generally real pearls are gritty to the teeth, you know that ugh feeling.

Is it like chewing sand?

A: Yeah, you can feel the sand on it, that’s what it is, the sand on them.

Isn’t it a bit gross putting them in your mouth?

A: Nah, not really, we don’t mind.

What did it feel like to beat the golden gun?

A: I felt elation, pride, joy. I felt like ecstatic, that I’d beaten the gun. No it was just I knew I was going to beat it. I just have superior appraisal skills.

I hope you enjoyed your time with Antony! Drop any questions you have for him in the comments or sign up to Vintage Cash Cow today for a fast, free and easy way to sell your old stuff.

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