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Vintage Lovers

A gold apple on a gold saucer

4 ridiculous things made from gold

Humanity’s fascination with gold has led to some surprising product developments. Tales float around the internet of expensive diamond manicures, solid gold facials and lavish golden desserts.


We’ve mined all the craziest golden items to bring you four of the best. Would you spend your money on these?


Three cassette tapes

6 Things you’ll only understand if you were born before the 90’s

Technology moves at an alarming rate. It wasn’t that long ago that CD’s seemed to be a new fad.


A few conversations with my 8 year old niece have really highlighted some of the things that technology have well and truly buried over the last 20 years.


But like record collectors love the sound of their music on vinyl, you can’t deny that old tech had its charms…


Here are 5 things you’ll probably only remember if you were born before 1990.


Two vintage people dancing

14 songs that will make you want to Boogaloo!

Styles and tastes in music change so quickly we almost don’t notice. We’ve crunched the numbers and bought you the top 14 songs of 1967 based on how many weeks they spent at number one.   Browse the videos and let us know which your favorites were. Think another song deserves pride of place? Let us know in the comments and maybe we’ll add it in!   We’re going to count backwards in true Top of The Pops style!   Here are the top songs of 1967   Petula Clark • This is My Song • 2 weeks at number 1   Nancy and Frank Sinatra • Something Stupid • 2 weeks at number 1 The Foundations • Baby Now That I’ve Found You • 2 weeks at number 1 Long John Baldry • Let the Heartaches Begin • 2 weeks at number 1 Sandie Shaw • Puppet on a String • 3 weeks at number 1 The Tremeloes • Silence is Golden • 3 weeks...

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Three vintage ladies reading a book

Offensive vintage adverts and treasures to make you thousands

Our vintage expert Antony loves asking people what things are. It’s one of his all time favourite games.


When the History Channel caught on to this, they made a bunch of videos so you could play along too!


Watch the video to guess what the item is, or read the transcript below. Then stick around, we’ll let you know if you were right.


As a bonus, we’re also going to look at some vintage adverts to do with Antony’s secret item. Then we’ll give you the lowdown on some related things you could make a small fortune with.


A vintage stamp wetter surrounded by questionmarks

Best used with something flat, funny tasting – & controversial… What am I?

Antony’s favourite game is to guess what the item is. He’s been doing this for more years than there are fingers in our customer service team.


He always gets this cheeky look on his face when he’s asking, and you know that he knows, but it doesn’t stop you guessing!


When the History Channel team found out we played this little game, they grabbed their cameras and started rolling, so you guys could play along too!


Can you guess what this historical item is?


A pocket watch against a pink background

The most expensive watch sold and other fascinating facts

One of the best things about working at Vintage Cash Cow is the history that we’re steeped in every day.


When you start handling artefacts from bygone eras you begin to realise just how much you don’t know.


A lot of our staff, and customers, find this stuff fascinating. So we decided to see what would happen if we asked our vintage expert Antony to give us some interesting pocket watch facts.