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4 Key Tips for Decluttering your Home this Summer

4 Key Tips for Decluttering your Home this Summer
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Want a tidy home this summer? Organise every corner of your home with our handy summer decluttering guide.

Move over Spring clean, the Summer Declutter is our new favourite time of year for a clear out. Longer days and warmer weather leave us with a tendency to crave cool and airy space for the Summer. It’s also a great time to get rid of those things that have been building up over the year(s) in preparation for the Autumn months and - dare we say it, the Christmas period. 

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Start small

Don’t jump into those huge tasks straight away, this will only leave you feeling overwhelmed. Instead, walk around your home, listing out the areas or items you plan to declutter, then start with the smallest area and work your way from there. Top tip: Be sure to finish each area before starting on a new one, this will ensure you have a sense of achievement and won’t be left feeling discouraged. A good place to start is with your closet or those pesky kitchen drawers.

Set a deadline

Whether you tell yourself you’ll be finished by the end of the Summer holidays, or before your big Summer BBQ, having a timeline can really help you meet your goals. Top tip: Ensure your deadline is achievable and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Sometimes, simply setting aside 30-60 minutes per day is enough.

Decide what you are going to do with your ‘clutter’ 

To avoid moving your ‘clutter’ from one room to another, before you start your Summer clear-out, add to your ‘declutter list’ where each item will go. Donating or selling your items is a great way to dispose of your unwanted things easily, plus it’s sustainable too. Top tip: Selling clothes is easy with sites like Vinted, garage, garden or sports equipment is ideal for sites like Facebook Marketplace. And for more valuable items, services like Vintage Cash Cow provide a quick and easy solution to clearing out your valuables for cash, quickly.

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Invest in smart storage solutions

A cluttered home can stem from not having a particular space for your things to live. So once you have organised your areas into ‘keep’ and ‘not keep’ piles, creating a smart storage solution for your ‘keep’ items can help to ensure your home stays decluttered for longer. Top tip: Baskets, shelving, inside cupboard hangers, under-the-bed storage containers and drawer separators are a great way to keep your things organised without looking messy. 

We hope you have found this article helpful and now feel armed with plenty of decluttering advice. Before you start, remember to order your free postage pack from Vintage Cash Cow and grab an old box to keep aside the items you want to send to us.

Are you ready for a Summer declutter?

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