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10 Books To Read In 2023

10 Books To Read In 2023
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Did you know that the average bookshelf in the UK contains 80 unread books? And if you haven't felt compelled to read them by now, chances are you never will. So, why not declutter your bookshelf, pack up your old dusty hardcovers and immerse yourself in some new, exciting literature this year? Here are our top 10 picks for 2023.

1. Good for a Girl by Lauren Fleshman


In this incredible true story, Good for a Girl sees professional track and field athlete, Lauren Fleshman discusses her love for the sport and how she became a champion athlete despite her struggles and roadblocks in a male-dominated sport. 

2. Yellowface by R. F. Kuang


Best-selling author, Rebecca F. Kaung pens another incredible work of fiction with her latest release, Yellowface. Yellowface highlights issues of race, friendship and dishonesty through a truly tantalising, thrilling and cutting story of two friends battling it out in the publishing world. Until tragedy strikes and changes the course of both friends' lives. 

3. The Half Moon by Mary Beth Keane


New York Times bestselling author, Mary Beth Keane has created an incredibly relatable work of fiction in her soon-to-be-released, The Half MoonThe story takes place over one turbulent week and showcases the difficulties within a marriage in crisis and how things like infertility, career changes and day-to-day struggles can be a detriment.

4. The London Séance Society by Sarah Penner


Sarah Penner’s latest gothic mystery, The London Séance Society is set in 1873 across Paris and England and follows the story of Lenna Wicks who employs spiritualist Vaudeline D’Allaire to investigate the death of her sister. When D’Allaire is summoned to England to solve a high-profile murder, Wicks accompanies her as an understudy. But the two women soon realise they might not just be investigating a crime, but are themselves tangled up in one. 

5. Liar, Dreamer, Thief by Maria Dong


Maria Dong pens an incredible and sensitive exploration of mental health in her debut book Liar, Dreamer, ThiefThe story follows black sheep, Katrina Kim and her unorthodox coping mechanisms for everyday life. Dong takes a deep dive into the complexities of life and how the actions of one person can lead to the devastation of someone else’s life. 

6. Someone Else's Shoes by JoJo Moyes


Best-selling author of Me Before You, JoJo Moyes uses her signature humour and storytelling in her newest novel, Someone Else’s Shoes to tell the story of two women whose lives are changed after a small mix-up at the gym.  When the two women end up with the other's gym bag, they are faced with days which will force them to look into themselves to see what needs to change in their lives to make them happier and more fulfilled. 

7. Spare by Prince Harry


Prince Harry’s highly-anticipated memoir Spare details his devastation over his mother's death, his life after the tragedy and how the trauma ultimately played into his current and past relationships. Spare is an unfiltered, insightful and honest account of Prince Harry's tumultuous life, directly from the source. 

8. The Parrot and The Igloo by David Lipsky


The Parrot and the Igloo is a non-fiction piece by New York Times best-selling author, David Lipsky. Focused on climate change, the environment and how prevalent “anti-science” is in American culture today, Lipsky delves into the long history of climate change and how throughout history “science deniers” have evolved and become more commonplace. 

9. Poverty, by America, by Matthew Desmond


Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Matthew Desmond re-examines the debate on poverty in his latest nonfiction Poverty, by America. Conceiving the argument why it still exists in America today: the rest of us benefit from it. 

10. I Can’t Save You by Anthony Chin-Quee


Anthony Chin-Quee’s gripping memoir examines his past mistakes in a personal and professional sense as he tries to forge a new path forward. I Can’t Save You is an honest, human and often hilarious true story of the challenging and sometimes horrific aspects of being a doctor.

Time For A Clear Out?

At Vintage Cash Cow we're unable to accept any modern books, however, services like We Buy Books are great if you're having a clear-out to make room for some newer books. Or sending them off to a charity shop is always a great option. 

Edited by Emily Roesler

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