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Vintage Cash Cowriosities

Broken watch in pieces

Sell Broken Watches


A guide for selling broken and used watches

Selling broken watches is easier than you might think. In a lot of cases broken watches are used for spares and repairs, so there’s often a modest demand for spare parts.


Of course, it pays to know your stuff. You would expect (in most cases) to get less money for a broken pocket watch than you would a broken Rolex.


An Omega watch

Sell high end watches


How and where to sell Swiss and other high end branded watches


We’re back with another immense selling guide for you, this time, it’s high end watches.


Far from being something that sits on your wrist to remind you what time it is, luxury watches have almost taken on a life of their own.


Old football on a yellow background

Owners of original leather footballs to score £19.66 in World Cup offer

Leeds, UK 26th June 2018Vintage Cash Cow, the first online platform that allows you to sell your vintage items for cash, is offering £19.66 for original vintage leather footballs to celebrate England making it through to the last 16 of the World Cup.


Those who own an original stitched leather football, whatever the condition, should visit and download their free post labels to send along with any other vintage items and claim their winnings.


A collection of antique and vintage watches

Sell old watches for cash


How to sell vintage watches, antique watches and pocket watches

When it comes to selling old, antique and vintage watches there’s a lot you should know. Not all old watches are valuable, and sometimes you find value in the most unexpected of places.


There’s no shortage of places to sell your vintage and antique watches and pocket watches, but how do you know you’ll get the best price?


A gold cow against a yellow background

How to sell gold

An 11 step guide

The modern day gold rush is everywhere you look. Adverts on the TV promise cash for your gold, the shops in town offer cash for your gold, there’s advertising all over the internet – companies promising to give you cash for your gold. So where do you start? And more importantly how do you sell without getting ripped off?


A gold apple on a gold saucer

4 ridiculous things made from gold

Humanity’s fascination with gold has led to some surprising product developments. Tales float around the internet of expensive diamond manicures, solid gold facials and lavish golden desserts.


We’ve mined all the craziest golden items to bring you four of the best. Would you spend your money on these?


A retro lady crying

Declutter the Guilt

Kate is a regular guest poster here at Vintage Cash Cowriosities. She’s a professional organiser and declutterer, and blogs over at A Tidy Mind what she doesn’t know about decluttering isn’t worth knowing.


Today Kate is talking to us about the guilt associated with decluttering and gives some sound advice on what to do with the things you feel guilty letting go of.


Over to Kate for one of the best posts you’ll read this year…