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The top 40 unused retro toys people have in their homes. How many do you recognise?

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A study of over 2000 adults revealed that millions of vintage toys and games could be gathering dust in lofts and cupboards in homes across the UK.

From Game Boys to Hot Wheels, the survey from Busy Bees reported that on average, people have 17 unused toys stashed away in their homes. More than half of those surveyed have kept their items in “good condition”. While more than one in four think they could be sitting on a goldmine with their once-cherished toys, estimating that their collection could be worth an average of £300.

Topping the list of items people can’t seem to throw away are Barbies, LEGO and Hot Wheels. Keep scrolling to discover which other iconic toys and games made the list. Do you recognise any of these? 


original barbie doll

Vintage Barbie Dolls

LegoOriginal Lego Set

Original Lego Set
Source: eBay

Hot WheelsCollection of Vintage Hot Wheels

Collection of Vintage Hot Wheels

G.I. JoeVintage G.I. Joe Collectors Dolls

Vintage G.I. Joe Collectors Dolls
Source: Celtic Tri

Suzy HomemakerSuzy Homemaker Oven Ad

Suzy Homemaker Oven Ad

Fisher Price TelephoneVintage Fisher Price Chatty Telephone

Vintage Fisher Price Chatty Telephone

Lite-Brite1990s Lite-Brite

This 1990s Lite-Brite is selling for over £150 on Etsy

Rubik's CubeThe original Rubix Cube

The original Rubix Cube
Source: Reddit

Nerf BallVintage Nerf Ball

Vintage Nerf Ball

Fisher Price Record Player1970s Fisher-Price Record Player

1970s Fisher-Price Record Player

Sylvanian FamiliesIconic vintage Sylvanian Families Collection

Iconic vintage Sylvanian Families Collection

My Little Ponyvintage My Little Pony

These vintage My Little Pony toys are selling for over £70 on Etsy

Etch A SketchOriginal Etch A Sketch

Original Etch A Sketch
Source: Pinterest

Fisher Price Little People Vintage Fisher-Price Little People

Vintage Fisher-Price Little People
Source: Shutterstock

Game Boy90s gameboy nintendo

Vintage 90s Game Boy

WeeblesVintage Weeble Toys

Vintage Weeble Toys

He-ManHe-Man Action Figures

He-Man Action Figures
Source: YouTube

Beanie Babies90s Beanie Babies Collectables

90s Beanie Babies Collectables

SegaOriginal Sega Megadrive

Original Sega Megadrive

Troll DollVintage Troll Doll

Vintage Troll Doll

Mr. Potato HeadThe Original Mr. Potato Head Toy

The Original Mr. Potato Head Toy

Barbie's Dream HouseVintage Barbie's Dream House

Vintage Barbie's Dream House

Care Bears90s Care Bears

90s Care Bears
Source: Pinterest

Tonka TrucksVintage Tonka Trucks

Vintage Tonka Trucks
Source: eBay

Star Wars Action FiguresVintage Star Wars Action Figures

Vintage Star Wars Action Figures
Source: eBay

TransformersVintage Transformers

Vintage Transformers

PlaymobilVintage Playmobil

Vintage Playmobil
Source: Celtic Tri

SimonThe Original Simon Toy

The Original Simon Toy
Source: Etsy

Polly PocketVintage Polly Pockets

Vintage Polly Pockets

Cabbage Patch KidsOriginal Cabbage Patch Kids Toy

Original Cabbage Patch Kids Toy

Chatty CathyVintage Chatty Cathy Dolls

Vintage Chatty Cathy Dolls

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures

Vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Action Figure

Vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Action Figure

Easy-Bake OvenVintage Easy-Bake Oven

Vintage Easy-Bake Oven

Flatsy DollsVintage Flatsy Dolls

Vintage Flatsy Dolls
Source: Flickr

Teddy RuxpinTeddy Ruxpin advert

Teddy Ruxpin advert
Source: YouTube

Speak & SpellOriginal Speak & Spell Toy

Original Speak & Spell Toy

See 'n' SayVintage See 'n' Say

Vintage See 'n' Say
Source: YouTube

Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine Vintage Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine

Vintage Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine
Source: eBay

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