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4 Methods for Decluttering your Home Quickly

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Those of us that don’t enjoy decluttering will want to know how to do it quickly. Forget spending hours or days rummaging through the items piled up on the floor. You can declutter quickly and easily using these 4 easy methods. 

1. Declutter your home quickly as you go 

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Sometimes, setting a decluttering schedule can be off-putting and cause procrastination. If instead, you incorporate decluttering into your everyday routine, it won’t feel like a chore. For example, anything that needs to go upstairs can be left on the stairs, and when you next go up, take the whole lot with you. Notice an empty cup on the table? Take it with you the next time you leave the room, and pop it in the dishwasher. Notice your clothes drawer getting messy? Next time you’re getting dressed, sort through it for a few minutes and get it tidy again. Decluttering can be a small, regular task that you won’t even notice. This is a great way to stay on top of decluttering and save yourself time, doing bigger decluttering jobs in the future.

2. Have a decluttering box

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A quick and simple way to declutter is to have a decluttering box. But remember, this method only works if you empty the box regularly, otherwise, you’re just moving clutter from one space to another. A declutter box is a large box, found anywhere in your house where you can put any clutter. For example, you stumble across some toys on the floor. You know your child doesn’t play with them, and they’ll need a new home. For now, pop them into the declutter box and return to it later. In the short term, this keeps your home tidy and also helps you to declutter your mind. Once or twice a week, you can sort through the decluttering box and decide whether to keep, throw out, or sell the items in there. 

3. Have a process


A decluttering process is a consistent step-by-step routine you can follow to maximise your efficiency. Humans are creatures of habit - we love routine. Forming habits comes naturally to us - usually taking about 2 months to become automatic. For each decluttering task, try to follow the same steps of a process until it becomes automatic. For example, 1) clear the space using a decluttering box. 2) Place the items into three categories (keep, recycle, sell), and 3) replace relevant items. Your speed will increase each time you do this, so long as you stick to the same pattern. 

4. Bring in help


Need a hand? Getting help decluttering is a sure way to get the job done quickly. You can ask a friend, a neighbour, or a family member to come and declutter your home with you. Alternatively, if you’d rather not, you can ask for help in another way. Order a decluttering kit from Vintage Cash Cow, box up your clutter, and take it to the post office with the free label supplied to you. As soon as we receive your box, we send you a valuation within 3 days. You can accept the offer or we can send your box back to you for free - it’s so easy. This way, you can get rid of your junk rapidly and efficiently, and also make a bit of money too. 

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