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The Big Spring Clearout: 4 tips to tackling a spring clearing like a pro, according to a decluttering expert

The Big Spring Clearout: 4 tips to tackling a spring clearing like a pro, according to a decluttering expert
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Nothing beats the feeling of a season-change, Spring in the air, lighter evenings and the weather slowly getting warmer. And getting your home in order is a great way to start the season with a spring in your step - no pun intended!

Getting started on your Spring clearout, however, can feel like a daunting task. Just the thought of the cupboards and drawers that haven't been organised since last year, all piling up and gathering dust is enough to put you off. But, your big Spring clearout needn't feel overwhelming. We spoke to professional organiser and declutter expert, Vicky Silverthorn (you might recognise her from ITV's This Morning) who shared her top tips that will take the stress out of decluttering and change the way you do your Spring clearout. 

  1. Get your mindset right. 

Think about why you’re actually doing this and what you’d like to achieve. Is it more space? Would you like to have less stuff cluttering up the place? Perhaps you're interested in making some extra money. Decide on your key reason for the clearout and that will help determine the areas you want to start on. 

  2. Be realistic with your time

Think practically about the time you’ve got and, if you don’t have much time, then start small. Even if you only have enough time to tackle one drawer, focus solely on that to fully complete it, then stop. Try not to start anything that you can’t complete, it will only make you feel more overwhelmed. Be patient and don’t be disheartened if you don’t get through as much as you thought you might. It’s often very underestimated how long decluttering properly takes. 

   3. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

Get your tools ready: rubbish, recycling bags, charity bags. Think clearly about where each item you're clearing should go to avoid it being moved to clutter up another part of your home. Remember, if you have a lot of items that you think are worth something, you can pop them all in a box and send them bulk to services like Vintage Cash Cow. 

   4. Is it sentimental? Or have you just had it for ages? 

We often mix up sentimental items with things we’ve just had for years. There’s a huge difference and it’s something really good to think about. Think about why you're keeping this item. Is it something that was passed down to you, or makes you happy when you use it? Or is it a once-trusty old pair of jeans that you've been hanging onto for years? And remember, the fewer items we have, the more sentimental they become. 

Time to get decluttering

Once you have worked out what you're going to declutter, commit to your decision. Clearing out your clutter is so much more than clearing your home. It will help to a clear mind and can even lift your energy. Now you're ready to start your big Spring Clearout, why not order a free postage pack and get your box ready to sell your items with Vintage Cash Cow. 

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