How to maximise your offer

You can post up to 30kg of valuables, in any condition. Send us anything from jewellery and watches to silverware, cameras and toys.

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Carefully pack your box

After double-checking that we can accept your items, it's time to prepare them for an exciting journey.

Arrange the heaviest pieces at the bottom of your box and protect any that can be easily damaged with bubble wrap or newspaper.

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Arrange your collection or delivery

All boxes are insured up to £300 as standard; however, we can raise this to £10,000.

We go over and above to make your experience as easy as possible. So, if you cannot take your box to a local Post Office, we'll collect it from your home for free.

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Wait for your offer

Upon receiving your box, our expert valuers will review its contents. Then, we'll call you with a price for everything within 3-5 working days. You can accept, decline or ponder our offer for up to 28 days.

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Plan your next box

If you enjoyed using our service, please bear us in mind the next time you have a clearout. Or, if your friends or family are considering decluttering, just refer our service, and we'll send you both a £20 gift voucher after purchasing their box as a thank you.

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We accept boxes in all shapes and sizes

We recommend reusing any sturdy box, like Amazon packaging, a wine case or a shoe box. All we ask is that it safely holds all your valuables and doesn't exceed 1m3.

Expert tips for maximising your box value

Handy articles

Discover intriguing stories, artefacts and advice to help tidy your home and soothe your mind.


Are you a trusted service?

We are a trusted service with over 500,000 customers signed up and more than 10,000 Trustpilot reviews. Your items will be automatically insured for up to £300 through Parcelforce and we can raise your insurance to £1000 - £10,000 for no extra cost. 

Is it free to send my items?

Absolutely! Our service is designed to be 100% free, whether you send your items to us or request them to be returned after declining our offer.

How can I send my box of items to you?

Sending your box to us is free, easy and safe. We pay for and insure every parcel you send for up to £300 using a tracked Parcelforce service.

There are two ways you can send your box to us: 

1) Using your pre-paid postage labels 

When you order your free selling guide, we include two pre-paid postage labels and sender details stickers. After packing your box, please stick one postage label and one sender details sticker to the outside, and then take your box to any UK Post Office - click here to find your nearest Post Office branch. 

The Post Office will accept the parcel at no cost to you; then, we'll begin appraising your items when your box arrives in our Leeds-based facility.

2) By booking a free home collection 

After signing up, you'll receive various communications to arrange your free Parcelforce home collection service. You can also contact us by phone or email to arrange your collection on a day and time that suits you.

In preparation, please attach your sender details sticker to the box, but not your postage label, as your Parcelforce driver will supply this. If you receive any conflicting information, please ignore it.

What happens if I don't like the offer you give me?

We're a no obligation service, so you're welcome to decline any offer made should it not meet your expectations. If you decline our offer, we will return your whole parcel of items at no cost to yourself.

My item is not listed in the items you accept. Can I still send it to you?

Unfortunately, we do not accept items that are not specified on our site. If you believe you have an item that would be of interest to our experts, you can call our customer service team who will be happy to assist you.

Please phone our customer service team on: 0800 246 1111 or send us an email at [email protected]

How do I receive my offer?

A vintage advisor will call you with an offer once we've received and valued your items. You’ll get an explanation of the offer and an opportunity to ask any questions. If we are unable to reach you, we send an email and SMS message requesting you to contact us.

I only have one item, can I send it?

Maybe. Our service is designed to help you declutter in bulk, so we would prefer you to send 10 items or more. However, if you believe your item is really special, please get in touch to see if it is suitable.

Ask us anything, and we'll reply as soon as possible

Our friendly online customer support team will answer your questions seven days a week.

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