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Vintage Cameras: The Lost Film Files

Vintage Cameras: The Lost Film Files
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Summer is finally here and in full swing, for many of us this means digging out our old cameras to capture memories, especially when going on a holiday or staycation. During this time, many people uncover old items which might not have been used for generations.

We receive hundreds of cameras every week, of all types and ages, each with their own stories to tell.

Sometimes we receive vintage camera film reels, giving us just a small glimpse into life through the camera lens. See a few examples of these below:

'Day at the beach'

Beach-side staycations may be the 'new normal' after the recent travel restrictions, but beach holidays have always been popular destinations for Brits. This selection of images were taken on a 35mm camera. We can assume that, due to that fashion, these were taken around the 1990s.

'Safari adventures'

If you've not been lucky enough to go away on a Safari before, you can catch a glimpse of its incredible 'David Attenborough-like' scenes in these vintage snaps. These particular images were taken on a 35mm camera. This was a very popular camera to take on a trip such as this, due to its compact size and weight.

'A picturesque walk'

The rolling hills of Great Britain provide us with plenty of walks and incredible views such as the ones in these images. We can only imagine the memories attached to these 35mm camera images and the woman we can see in the photo.

Ever wondered how much those old cameras sat in the attic could be worth? 

At Vintage Cash Cow, the UK's first platform that helps people sell their old and vintage items through a free-to-use postal service, we receive more inquiries about the worth of items such as cameras, lenses and film during this time of year.

We advise people to keep an eye out for valuable pieces of the past when reaching for their cameras, as they could be worth a pretty penny.

In our experience, every household is likely to have a vintage camera lying around. While common models may fetch in the £5 - £50 range, we've also paid thousands for some particularly rare and well looked after pieces of kit.

Items are accepted in any condition, including broken or damaged. A condition our camera department often sees when receiving vintage cameras is lens fungus.

Instead of throwing away these broken or damaged items, Head of the Camera Department at Vintage Cash Cow, Mia Foster, suggests that instead they can be packed into boxes and generate some extra cash for the owner.

Have you got an old camera to sell? 

We'll buy it, see more about the cameras we buy here.

Vintage Ricoh, Box Brownie and Kodak cameras

Every home has an old camera but do you remember old camera films like these?

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