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Meet the Experts: Mia Foster, Head of Cameras

Meet the Experts: Mia Foster, Head of Cameras
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Meet Mia, Vintage Cash Cow's Head of Cameras and all round camera expert. In celebration of National Camera Day, we sat down with her to find out about her experience, her favourite thing about working at Vintage Cash Cow and the weirdest item she's ever received.

Hi Mia, how did you get into cameras and photography?

Hello! Taking pictures is something I've always done and loved. When I was little, I used to take the family camera to photograph everything and anything, then I won 'Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year' and the prize was my very own camera. I started taking photography more seriously after that and actually wanted to learn how to take good photographs, rather than just photographs of nice things. That's when I realised I should study photography at University.

Is there a camera that you’ve received and loved so much you kept for yourself?

I love the limited edition antique & vintage cameras we receive because they're something I'd never seen (or even knew existed) before I started working here. One camera I've kept for myself is a 1920s Kodak Petit. I got the lavender colour-way and it's so pretty! I'm also eyeing up a vintage Leica replica which I think would look so cool on my bookcase at home - I have a bit of a book addiction and that's where I store all my ornaments and nicknacks too.

1920s Vintage lavender Kodak Petit folding camera
1920s Kodak Petit

What draws you to a camera?

It used to be that a camera was just what I needed to use to take the photograph. It was the act of taking pictures and seeing my photographs that I loved more than the technical aspects. Since starting at VCC - almost 4 years ago, I must have handled an insane amount of cameras that I can't even comprehend, but I still get totally excited when I see something new or rare or even in a really nice condition. Days when I can sit and test the SLR cameras are my favourite because I'm actually really interested in the mechanics and I find it surprisingly therapeutic.

What’s your favourite thing about working for Vintage Cash Cow?

As well as the obvious, which is that I get to play with cameras all day, I appreciate the trust and the freedom we're given at VCC - we're not micro-managed at all.

The Vintage Cash Cow Office

What is the most weird and wonderful film you've found while working at VCC?

By far the weirdest, most unexpected thing I've seen on a roll of film was a series of nudes! A couple took pictures of each other naked on the beach and at home, they were posing on rocks and in the shower. Who knows if they sent it to us by accident but I'm just glad I couldn't see too much detail. 

Have you got an old camera to sell?

Collection of photography equipment, Canon A1 camera as the focal point

We're the UK’s first platform that helps people sell their old and vintage items through a free-to-use postal service. Instead of throwing away these broken or damaged items, Mia suggests to carefully pack them into boxes and generate some extra cash. Find out more about the cameras we buy here.

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