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6 obsolete things will make you misty eyed with nostalgia

expensive pick n mix sold for 1400
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Technology is always changing, so it’s not surprising that more and more things are becoming obsolete. That means we’ve had to say goodbye to the things we totally took for granted at the time. We asked everyone in the office what obsolete things they missed the most, their answers had us reminiscing in no time...

Top 10 music charts

Remember when you couldn’t miss an episode of Top of the Pops or you stayed in on a Sunday to listen to the charts on Radio 1? In a world full of music on demand it’s not so much about charts any more. Back then though it mattered who was number 1.

Woolworths was the pick ‘n’ mix king

And you could actually afford to buy toys with your pocket money. So legendary was the Woolworths pick ‘n’ mix that the very last bag sold for over £14,000 on eBay!


Back before all the fast food giants like Mcdonald's arrived in the UK we had Wimpy. In the ’70s there were over 500 restaurants, but as the fast food scene started to take off Wimpy fell behind. While there are still some Wimpy restaurants left, it hasn’t been a go-to for some time. If you are nostalgic for the burgers of your youth, I have some good news. Wimpy has recently announced they’re planning a comeback!

Reversing the charges using a telephone box

Back before mobile phones or back in the day, we weren’t allowed them, we had to find alternate ways of phoning home. 

Enter the humble telephone box. 

If you didn’t have a pocket full of change you could dial 100 and ask the operator to reverse the charges, meaning the person you were calling would pay the bill. At first, the operator was a real person, but over time the service became automated.

When dialling a 0 took forever

Obsolete  Image titled Dial a Rotary Phone Step 4

OK, OK, rotary phones still exist, but not many people would actually choose to have one! Back in the day before cordless and digital phones, we had the rotary phone. You had to stick your fingers in the plastic hole over the number you wanted, drag the dial to the little silver thingy and let go. When it returned to its original resting place you dialled the next number. Kids these days will never know the struggle! One wrong number and you had to start all over again!

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