4 ridiculous things made from gold

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Humanity’s fascination with gold has led to some surprising product developments. Tales float around the internet of expensive diamond manicures, solid gold facials and lavish golden desserts.

We’ve mined all the craziest golden items to bring you four of the best. Would you spend your money on these?

A solid gold toilet that’s open to the public

Gold toilet

If you’ve ever wondered what 18ct solid gold would feel like against your bare bottom, you can now find out. Head over to the Guggenheim museum where you can actually try out this loo for yourself.

According to Business Insider, over 100,000 people have queued to use the golden throne!

How about some solid gold & gold loo roll to go with that toilet?

Nope, totally not kidding. This gold loo roll took 4 years to make and is made from 22ct gold. It went on sale for around £825,839. The toilet paper is delivered personally along with a bottle of champagne. Supposedly it takes you to a new level of sophistication.

gold loo roll

The one roll that was made has now been sold, but that doesn’t mean more won’t be made. If you fancy spending a few thousand on loo roll, you can keep an eye on stocks here.

Sticking with the theme…

Gold pills

These pills contain 24ct gold leaf and their sole purpose is to make your excretions sparkly. At around $425, you’ve really got to have nothing better to spend your money on. Also, this was sort of the artistic point of the tablets.

One of the creators of the pills said: “Like an addict, all I want is more. Like celebrity and celebrity culture, demand for luxury items is completely created.” The creators went on to make more gifts ‘for the man that has everything.’


More edible Solid Gold

What makes it so expensive? It contains edible gold, caviar, a replica Faberge egg, and, a non edible 2ct diamond.

Have you seen anything crazy made of gold? Let us know in the comments.

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