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Types of Silver Jewellery to sell

Types of Silver Jewellery to sell
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If you have jewellery laying around it can be tough to identify and work out what to do with it. Perhaps you’ve inherited some silver jewellery and are wondering what types of jewellery you can sell.It can be frustrating and, while we’ve created a guide to the types of silver chains and other jewellery you can sell, there’s no reason to do the legwork yourself. Oh no! You can always send your jewellery off to Vintage Cash Cow for a free quote and free returns if you decide not to sell. If you do decide to get turn your silver into a shiny stack of money, you can sell jewellery for cash with is us - no hassle and no haggle.

Sterling silver jewellery and vintage costume jewellery

There are lots of different types of silver jewellery, from the modern hallmarked silver jewellery pieces to the rarer vintage costume jewellery that has real silver in it. Here we’ll look at the different styles of jewellery you might have and we’ll talk about how to identify each piece and prepare it for sale. 

Silver semi-precious stone jewellery

As well as types of silver, there are many types of jewellery stones used in fine jewellery. These semi-precious stones are usually held into place with prongs attached to the mounting. Costume jewellery may use claws, but a lot of the stones will simply be glued into place.For instance, if you have a pendant and it looks as though the stone or the cameo has been glued on - or if there are no prongs holding it on - it’s likely to be costume jewellery.One exception to this is pearls. They are difficult to set into jewellery so older pieces will likely have glued on pearls. You only really see pearls in a setting on more modern jewellery.


Vintage costume jewellery that has a lot of coloured stones set with prongs can be valuable. Don’t just dismiss a piece because it’s costume jewellery!

Selling 925 silver jewellery

If you’re selling silver chains, silver bangles or silver pendants that have no other embellishments, check their weight. Silver tends to be heavier than replica and silver jewellery.Silver jewellery is smooth, and consistent throughout. Some types of silver chain necklaces have a pendant or bangle that has a darker colour or even a different colour showing through on the parts that see heavy wear, and this means it’s more likely to be silver plated.

silver chain necklaces

The longer and heavier your silver chain or bangle is, generally the more valuable it is.

Getting the best price for scrap silver jewellery

If your jewellery is damaged or broken you’d likely only sell it for its scrap value. It’s unusual for jewellery to be repaired to be sold in the trade unless it’s a particularly coveted or rare piece.Vintage and antique jewellery is not worth as much if it has been repaired. If you’re selling jewellery for scrap, wait until you have a few pieces to sell - one piece on its own is only likely to fetch a few pounds.If the jewellery has semi-precious stones, pearls or any other materials used to adorn it, they will be removed before the piece is broken down and melted. When you go to sell your damaged things you will be quoted the weight of the silver, not the weight of the piece with the stones.If you sell your silver at a registered pawnbroker or a jewellery store, it is sometimes possible to get any stones set into it returned to you. There can be costs associated with this though.

piece of silver jewellery

If you only had one piece of silver jewellery that was damaged, you could take it to jewellers and get it melted down and turned into something else, this is quite a popular option for those who don’t want to sell something sentimental.With pawnbrokers, it can be difficult to find one that is properly licenced and one that gives you a good quote. Make sure you spend enough time researching all the options in order to get the best price when selling silver jewellery to pawnbrokers.When selling silver jewellery it’s a good idea to assess the expertise of who you are selling it to. If the buyer isn’t an expert they may overlook any intrinsic value the piece has. Making sure they can identify rare, vintage or antique jewellery means you’ll always get the best price.On the other hand, if you have unwanted vintage items around your home you could pack them all into a box with your broken silver jewellery and send them to Vintage Cash Cow. Our service removes the hassle, fees and higgling that can come with selling jewellery online on a marketplace.

What happens to gemstones when silver jewellery is sold?

Jewellery companies add a very high markup to the new jewellery they sell. Like cars, engagement rings and wedding rings depreciate in value as soon as you leave the shop. If you sell those same rings a few days or even years later you’ll likely have to sell them for their scrap value.Some jewellers and pawnbrokers will buy diamonds if they are set into modern jewellery, but it usually depends on the cut and the grade of the diamond.Diamonds will usually be bought at the wholesale price, which means you’ll get less money for them than you paid when they were a part of the jewellery.

Diamond ring

Since silver is a soft material it’s rare to find precious stones set into it. It’s become more prevalent in the last ten years or so, but you’ll find the diamonds set into silver will be lower purity. This is because stones set into silver are more likely to be dislodged.

Types of silver jewellery you can sell to us!

We’ve created Vintage Cash Cow to make it easy for you to sell jewellery and a whole host of other vintage and antique items. Our service is totally free to use and our team of experts know exactly how to appraise your items whatever their origin or condition.

Types of silver jewellery

We accept all types of silver jewellery and will be happy to make you an offer - if you don’t want to accept our sale price you can have the items returned for free. It’s a no brainer!Why not click the pink button below to get started today?

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