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Discover the Joy of Less

Happy woman with a drink and a tv in background
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Discover the Joy of Less. Our new year campaign focuses on reclaiming your space - making some extra cash in the process. Whether you discover the joy of me-time, spending time with your family or simply the joy of less clutter at home, it’s time to discover the Joy of Less. 

To get us inspired, we spoke to a few of our 100,000 happy customers to tell us about how they discovered the Joy of Less through using Vintage Cash Cow. 

Brenda discovered the joy of a new TV 

happy woman with a drink in her hand and a TV with The Crown on in the background

"I can't I got £430 for my box of vintage jewellery and watches! I treated myself to a lovely, new SMART TV complete with Netflix. 

At the grand old age of 77, it's a real bonus and a luxury, compared to the 12-year-old TV that it has replaced. I'm so delighted and can't wait to send another box."

Brenda B

Eddie discovered the joy of giving his son a once-in-a-lifetime-experience

man snorkelling

"I sold my old cutlery and with the money I made, I treated my son to a snorkelling trip and a couple of nights in a hostel in Mexico, where is he currently doing conservation work."

Eddie Burton

Carly discovered the joy of a new camera

Woman smiling holding an SLR camera

"I sold my old, unused camera and made money for a brand-new one. How brilliant!"

Carly Pitcher

Sab discovered the joy of time with her friends

three older ladies drinking champagne on Buckingham Palace lawns

"What better way to celebrate my Vintage Cash Cow windfall than by taking my oldest friends on a picnic on the lawns of Buckingham Palace?!"

Sab O

Lucy discovered the joy of cocktails

man and woman smiling at camera

woman holding teacup and saucer

"We took a trip to London and treated ourselves to cocktails in Cahoots, a vintage speakeasy-style bar. Thanks, Vintage Cash Cow!"

Lucy Catherine

Celia discovered the joy of a holiday with her daughtertwo women smiling at the camera

"My daughter and I used the money I made from selling my things on our recent holiday to the coast. With the cost of living increasing, we were really concerned about our expenses but the Vintage Cash Cow money completely covered our spending!

We were unlucky with the weather, but the extra money covered lots of cocktails and lovely meals for us to remember in the winter months."

Celia Stapleton

Louise discovered the joy of family time

three woman sat in a restaurant smiling

"I got £250 for my first box! I took my two favourite relatives, Kerri & Danielle for tapas and champagne by the River Thames. And the weather was glorious, what a bonus, We had the best meal. Afterwards, we took the “change” and went shopping.”

Louise W

Gail discovered the joy of a new wedding dress

older woman trying on a wedding dress in a shop

"I treated myself to a brand new outfit for my friend's wedding - and accompanied her to her dress fitting. Doesn't she look fantastic?!"

Gail Sutton

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