Vintage Cash Cow enters sponsorship deal with A+E networks

As part of their ambitious growth plans Vintage Cash Cow have announced a two month partnership with A+E Networks.


The partnership sees Vintage Cash Cow sponsoring the ‘hidden treasures’ TV programming that is shown across the History Channel and Blaze.This is the first such sponsorship deal that Vintage Cash Cow have entered into.



Co-Founder David Weaver commented:


“We’re pleased to be dipping our toe into TV sponsorship, we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to sponsor programmes that have such a strong thematic link to our company.”


The sponsorship adverts shown on History Channel and Blaze contain short clips of talking vintage items.



So far these have proven popular among staff and customers alike, with the medals advert being a firm favourite of many.


Alongside these short sponsorship clips, Co-Founder Antony Charman stepped in front of the camera to introduce the world to life at Vintage Cash Cow. The videos of Antony talking and playing ‘guess what the item is’ have been widely shared across social media.



Vintage Cash Cow are enjoying incredible growth, after attracting some very experienced investors early last year.

David Weaver confirms:


“We have strong growth plans for the rest of the year, but if this sponsorship works at a small scale, we’ll be looking to sponsor other channels and programmes that are a good fit for us.”

Vintage Cash Cow’s ambitious plans have long been the subject of their press releases, but with an incredible investment team and A + E partnership, Vintage Cash Cow are well on their way to becoming a household name.


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