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Here’s How We Empowered Our Team For International Women’s Day, 2023

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This year, we had an incredible time celebrating International Women's Day, and we hope you did too. Honoured annually on March 8th, World Women's Day, also known as IWD, unites people of all genders, races and abilities and seeks worldwide gender equality while praising progress, encouraging education and advocating for change.

But things haven't always been this straightforward.

Quick history lesson; back in the mid-1800s, women's rights groups up and down the country were rallying hard to end everyday violence and enforce gender equality.

Then, in 1908, things slowly began to change. In Chicago, 1,500 women demanded political and economic equality on a day devoted to female workers' causes. This day was recorded as the world's first Women's Day, and in the years that followed, groups of women and feminists worldwide followed suit.

Two years later, at the International Women's Conference, Luise Zietz and Clara Zetkin proposed an annual International Woman's Day to promote equal rights for women globally. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Join our Women’s Day celebration

We like to do things a bit differently at Vintage Cash Cow. With that in mind, we honoured International Women's Day by hosting an art exhibition titled 'Embrace Equity' to showcase our in-house team's incredible work. Together, we transformed our largest office into a beautiful gallery, displayed thought-provoking pieces and created an inspiring group mural. Sneak a peek at our behind-the-scenes footage.

Meet our in-house artists

Artists from all corners of our business united to share their creative works, including illustration, music, jewellery, photography and paintings. Please note all image rights are credited to our artists.


Catherine White, Customer Service Advisor and Artist

Image 1: Intrinsic.

"I've always been interested in psychology and art. I admire how female life models allow artists to see their vulnerabilities so artists can create a way for other people to explore theirs."

To learn more about Catherine’s work or to request a commission, email [email protected] .

jo simpson artjo simpson art

Jo Simpson, Marketplace And Auctions Manager and Illustrator

Title: Love yer sen. Title: 3 heads r better than 1.

"Over the last ten years, I’ve built up a large body of work regarding women's empowerment, using both digital and analogue media."

To see more work by Jo, click here.


Paula Chat UV Power (before and after series)

Paula Chat, Vintage Appraiser and Artist

Title: UV Power (before and after series)

"My artwork uses the human body as a canvas and embellishes it with UV body paint. These before and after images are captured in normal and UV light."


emma young jeweller

Emma Young, Jewellery Expert and Jeweller

Title: Chainmail Halter Top

"I have been creating jewellery for around ten years, but in the last few years, I have branched out into 3D beadwork and chain designs. This top uses a chainmail weave called European 4-in-1 to create the handkerchief shape."

To see more work by Emma, click here.

bex rebecca taylor artist

Bex Taylor, Senior Copywriter and Artist

Title: Suspended Animation

“By day, I’m Vintage Cash Cow’s Senior Copywriter, crafting content for our lovely customers. And by night, I’m a mixed-media painter who likes to play with different styles and conceptual ideas.”

To see more work by Bex, click here.

Fernando Santos-Castilla Britney Spears art

Fernando Santos-Castilla, Jewellery Assistant and Illustrator

Title: Britney

"Britney has been an icon for decades and has a career spanning over 30 years. In that time, she had multiple chart hits, made a range of perfume, released a movie, and even had s restaurant. She was the youngest singer to ever get a star on the Walk Of Fame at just 21 years old. Since getting out of her conservator, she has regularly expressed her freedom and stood up for what she believes in, even when the media has fought against her (as it always has). She truly is an inspiration and one of my favourite women in the world."

To see more work by Fernando, click here.

Anushka Lithgow photography

Anushka Lithgow, Jewellery Assistant and Photographer

"These are some of my favourite photos of my friends and their friendships with each other. I like to think I captured the genuine joy they bring each other and showed an example of how, in these friendships, we help each other unconditionally just because we love being together so much."

To see more work by Anushka, click here.

Bex Dunkley photography

Bex Dunkley, Jewellery Assistant and Photographer

Photography and inspirational poetry.

[image coming soon]

Helena Manford, Vintage Appraiser and Photographer

“The growth of women and seeing the good in the world when there’s a lot of negativity trying to make its way to us. We learn to fight through the constant attack, to bloom into beautiful beings of our own.”

Liv Hedges wasted potential photography

Liv Hedges, Product Photographer and Photographer

Title: Wasted Potential

"Wasted potential questions the societal stigma surrounding tattoed body, whereby individuals are tagged as saboteurs of their own money, career opportunities, and natural beauty. Paying attention to the prejudice of women, in particular, the series offers an upfront response to the relationship between body art and its ‘ousting’ of female purity and decorum. It's far too common for socialised instincts to argue that a tattooed woman is trashy, promiscuous and should have her eye on a long-sleeved wedding dress if she can now land a ring on her finger at all. It's time to change all that."

To see more work by Liv, click here.

Megan Jones art

Megan Jones, Vintage Appraiser and Illustrator

"My work explores dolls as visual tools that can be used to convey a plethora of complex emotions. Understanding how the doll is pertinent to our socialisation as children and viewing them as objects specifically made to shape our personalities, interrogate notions of identity, vulnerability, and desirable qualities within the female ideal."

To see more work by Megan, click here.

Elenor Chandler Femdom photography

Elenor Chandler, Product Photographer and Photographer


"FEMDOM: To give up sexual power to men is to play against female liberation; it is revisiting the connotations of men owning dominance over the female form to use for their own gratification. It’s almost expected that a woman is to be submissive to a man and surrender her control. When the idea is reversed, do you feel it may be too far over the line? As a society, we still feel as if men have some form of hierarchy over women, and to see a man used and restrained the way a woman would be commonly is against the ‘normal’ placement of a woman and is highly reflective of how we still view the gender divide, for a man to give up his power is much more adverse than a woman giving up hers. We are so used to seeing the dominant being the male and the submissive being the female in almost all heterosexual relationships, especially in a sexual sense. The porn industry consistently reiterates this narrative, and it has become normal to expect women to take this role. It is normalised to the degree that it is almost frowned upon to see a man take upon the women's perceived role sexually; it is shocking to see a male be on the same level. This is due to the constant entertainment that any other way is abnormal. I am looking to explore the reasons below the surface of this, how I can experiment visually to shock and switch the roles of sexual relationships reiterating the message of why are female-dominated sexual relationships so frowned upon and its links to the societal opinion of women in general. I wish to shock to prove the divide that looking at an image where a man is in the usual place of a woman and challenged ingrained stereotypes of pornography."

To see more work by Elenor, click here.

Holly Hill art

Holly Hill, Logistics Team Leader and Artist

Title: Sketchbooks and paintings

To see more work by Holly, click here.

Fiona Hill female study art

Fiona Hill, Sustainability Lead and Artist

Title: Female Study, 'Anne' created using crayon and gouache wash.

Nikki Smith art

Nikki Smith, Marketplace and Artist

To see more work by Nikki, click here.

Brittney G kneenelly artist

Brittney G, Auction Co-Ordinator and Artist

To see more work by Brittney, click here.

[image coming soon]

Eleanor Joy, Marketplace and Musician

To see more work by Eleanor, click here.

Kaya Cohen Jeweller

Kaya Cohen, Jewellery Expert and Jeweller

To see more work by Kaya, click here.

Sarah Larkin art

Sarah Larkin, Vintage Appraiser and Artist

To see more work by Sarah, click here.

Amy B tshirt designer

Amy B, Vintage Appraiser and T-shirt designer

To see more work by Amy, click here.

That's all for now; we wish you an empowering International Women’s Day.

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