Work With Us - Vintage Cash Cowriosities
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Work With Us

Do you have an eye for the esoteric, and a penchant for shiny things you want to share with the world?

You might have a blog, a network, a show or something worth saying about decluttering, upcycling, vintage valuables and other such fascinating bits & bobs.

We believe a good story is wasted if it’s left untold, just like old collectibles gathering dust in a cupboard go to waste if they’re not given a polish, and put to better use.

Do you feel the same? We want to grow our community of curious cows who care about things like storied items, all things nostalgia, historical relics and their place in our present & future:

Write us a digital love letter:

Our blog rules are pretty simple: keep your content compelling, make it your own, stick to any copyright rules, and share generously.


Want to write for us?


Enter the gates and have a read of our guest blogger guidelines here.