Introducing: VCC Silver Surfer Hacks #001

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Welcome to the very first edition of our Vintage Cash Cow Silver Surfer Hacks! We’re so pleased to have you here.

What’s this all about?

Well, we know that there’s three main things that people hold dear: time, money and health. 

Getting the most out of life, we believe, is about making the most of these three things.

We’re not just dedicated to helping people make great money from old and vintage things. We’re also committed to trying to make the world just a bit better.

That’s why we’re dedicating a little time each week to optimising our lives. And no, we don’t mean using spreadsheets to plan our each and every move (although, if that’s your thing, you do you!).

N0, we mean working out all the little tiny tips and tricks that make things a little easier, make money go that bit further, or make you feel that bit better.

We’re sharing all these hacks with you savvy surfers because we think it’ll make the world a better place. Simple as that.

So, without further ado, here’s our first five hacks:

The world food wonder

World food aisle is cheaper
The world food aisles in your local supermarket are great money-saving destinations.

Not only are they packed with incredible ingredients from all over the world, they’re also home to a sensational saving secret.

You’ll find all sorts of cupboard staples such as beans, pulses, spices – actually a whole lot of items – at a vastly lower price than brand-name and even supermarket own-brand items.

world food aisle prices

The small-item-finder

Using hoover to find small items

Dropped a tiny screw? Lost an earring under the sofa?

No problem. Here’s a hack that really sucks – in a good way!

Grab your hoover and take off the floor attachment so there’s just the tube attached. Get yourself a sock or a pair of tights and slip one foot over the end of the tube – this is your item catching net.

Then just turn on the hoover and hunt around the area you dropped the item. The suction will help draw the item into the tube and the sock will stop it ending up in the hoover bag!

The SSS (satisfying sheet storage)

Bedsheet storage tips

Let’s face it – laundry is a chore.

Some people hate rounding up the washing, others hate hanging it up to dry, others hate folding it and putting it away. Plenty hate each step!

This tip is for those of you that reeeeally hate the folding and putting away part. It makes storing bedsheets not only easier, but neater and more attractive.

The answer is simply – just fold your sheets up as you normally would – reserving one pillowcase – and stack the sheet, duvet cover and other remaining pillowcases.

Then, take the reserved pillowcase and pop the folded sheets inside. Tidy!

The bottle lid bag seal (say that five times fast)

How to seal bags

Keeping your sundries fresh is a bit of a pain at times – you never have enough clips or ties, and the boxes they come in can be pretty flimsy.

All you have to do is get an empty plastic bottle and cut the top off about an inch from the bottle’s neck. Then, threadyour bag up through the bottle’s mouth and fold it back over itself.

For things like cereal, you can even pour the contents out through the mouth of the bottle!

This hack is particularly good if you’re trying to save space as it gets rid of the need for the boxes most products come in. Try it next time you take your favourite tea bags on holiday.

The sud saver

Cleaning bath with washing up liquid

Branded and even supermarket own-brand bathroom cleaners can be a pretty penny, and advertising makes us feel like we’re always at risk from super germs if we don’t buy the strongest chemicals.

The thing is, people got by without sprays, foams and single-use wipes years ago.

Save yourself some dosh and can the chemicals – anti-bacterial washing up liquid does that same job! It cuts through grime and grease with the same ease it does on your roasting tray, and the anti-bac properties gives you a bit of peace of mind. Not only that, but supermarket own-brand or discount shops often seel it for peanuts.

Forget expensive, chemical-based bathroom cleaners. Value line antibac washing up liquid works wonders on bathrooms, cutting through grease and grime with ease. For limescale, simply use white vinegar or lemon juice!


So that’s it, our first five hacks and a neat introduction to what the Silver Surfers is all about.

Keep your eyes peeled for each installment, and make sure you sign up to get them emailed straight to you.

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