Savvy Surfers Life Hacks #006

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Keeping it simple is the very essence of what life hacks set out to achieve. This week we’re delighted to bring you 5 super simple life hacks to help take the fuss and fuddle out of everyday things.

But just because they’re simple, doesn’t mean that they are not stunningly helpful. As William of Ockham (of Occam’s Razor fame) said: “All things being equal, the simplest solution tends to be the best one.”

Colour Coded Keys

Nail polish keys

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Ever stood at the door fiddling repeatedly with your bunch of keys trying to find the right one? Well, we’ve got just the answer that beats the trial and error method of testing out all the possibilities until you hit the jackpot and gain access.

Paint each of your keys with a coat of different coloured nail varnish, and you’ll quickly be able to tell them apart. Nail varnish is strong, waterproof and chip-resistant, so your paint job should last a satisfyingly long time.

We recommend colour coding them in such a way that you’ll easily be able to remember which colour represents what object. For example, you could use green, or “This is Tree-mendous” if that’s the particular shade in vogue, for the key to the garden shed. As in green like the grass and the garden. And you could use red, or “Crimson Crush”, if you live in a red brick house for instance.

Break open the nail polish and unlock this simple solution today!

Sticky Tape Stopper

Tape end saver

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Trying to find the end of a roll of sticky tape has to be one of life’s most piffling problems. But you’ll be able to banish this infuriating frustration forever, with our facile little hack that will make you wonder how you ever survived without it.

Simply take a paperclip and place it on the edge of the uncut roll of tape, creating a handy little tab. Next time that you need to use the tape you’ll easily be able to find the end and unfurl it without it splitting into lots of fiddly little strips.

This works on all kinds of tape, from masking to insulating and duct to parcel, even simple scotch or sellotape. It’s so brilliant that when you’re wrapping your Christmas presents this year, you’ll want to wrap an extra one to send to us as a thank you!

Hammer Time

Hammer and nail helper

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Hitting your hand with a hammer hurts! So stop bashing your fingers and use an old clothes peg to help hold and guide your nails when doing a bit of DIY.

Clothes pegs are a genius invention and useful for so many things, aside from their intended use of keeping your washing from flying across the neighbour’s lawn. For guiding nails, they’re second to none. They will firmly grip the nail and stop it from slipping and also help keep it perpendicular, to ensure a better angle of entry. No more bruised thumbs and no more bent nails, top hole my friend!

Just remember to use wooden pegs, not plastic ones, otherwise, a bit of over-enthusiastic whacking could result in the clean up of splintered plastic all over the place…

Lemon Squash

Lemon squeezing tip

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Lemon juice can add a slice of flavour to many a meal, but squeezing real lemons is one of the more tricky and sticky parts of creating culinary masterpieces. Not to fear, we’re here with a fresh new idea that will blow your socks off it’s that cool.

Instead of slicing a whole lemon in two and getting out the lemon squeezer the next time a recipe asks for a squirt of lemon juice, try this novel trick instead. Simply roll the lemon on a countertop, chopping board or even down your leg, to break up the membranes. Next poke a hole anywhere in the lemon’s skin using a skewer, cocktail stick, toothpick, needle or whatever sharp object you have to hand. Then squeeze out as much juicy goodness as you need.

Hey presto! No knife, no juicer, no pesky pips, no mess, and the best bit is that you can pop the lemon back in the fridge to use again the next time you need it. Leaving your lemon uncut means that it won’t dry out like a halved lemon would, so it saves on waste as well.

The next time you want to add a splash of zest to spice up a dish remember, roll, prick and squeeze, it’s that easy.

Sock Duster

Cleaning blinds with a sock

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Seemingly no household is immune to one of life’s greatest mysteries, the lost sock in the wash phenomenon. Whilst we haven’t stumbled across a sure-fire way of preventing single socks from blighting your life, yet… we do have a cool way to give meaning back to the lives of old, lost, lonely socks.

Turn your divorced socks into dusters! They make fabulous substitutes for regular dusters, in fact, we’d even go so far as to say that they’re an upgrade on the real thing. Slip a sock onto your hand and away you go.

No more dropping the duster down the back of the telly and having to perform acrobatics to retrieve it. No more dangling edges to accidentally knock your precious porcelain figures off the shelves. Just a simple, savvy way to get your sideboards sparkling.

Not only will you save money on buying real dusters, but you’ll be giving hope and purpose to a forlorn garment by adopting an abandoned sock. Plus they’re super at the really tricky stuff like cleaning Venetian blinds and you can pop them in the wash to reuse again. You never know, they might even stumble across their old partner!

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