Savvy Surfer Life hacks #008

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Welcome back to our eighth installment of the super savvy life hacks!

Minimalism is something of a trend these days, but it can be a hard act to follow. Even those of us who aren’t hoarders still tend to accumulate more things than we’ve got places to put them.

Help is here though, as this week we’ve got five special storage hacks to show you how to squeeze your stuff into every spare square of space, in an organised and tidy fashion.

As the famed decluttering expert Marie Kondo says “Life truly begins after you have put your house in order.” Go forth and organise my friends!

Jewellery Board

Jewellery cork board

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Jewellery can make or break an outfit, but who loves digging through their jewellery box trying to find the right piece to finish the look? Not only does your finery risk getting tangled, but it’s also easy to forget about a gem that gets lost at the bottom of the box.

Create a cork jewellery board for yourself and keep all your items always on display. Not only will this save space on your dressing table, but it’s also a cool way to show off your treasures.

Pinboards are ten a penny in most stationery and homeware shops, so it’s a really economical storage solution. Just pin your pieces in place and you’ll have a glittering display to help you decide which bit of sparkle compliments your chosen clothes. Wow, I feel like a fairy godmother after that!

Chemical Declutter

Cleaning chemical storage

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Cupboard space is often at a premium in the kitchen and the bathroom, and these days there seems to be a different bottle of disinfectant needed for every separate surface, all taking up valuable space. 

Under the sink used to be the favoured place in most family households, but with multiple waste bins often required to arrange the recycling nowadays, this prime slot is no longer always an option.

If you don’t love playing ten pin bowling with your bottles every time you reach for a cleaning product at the back of the cupboard, then try this nifty little hack instead.

Repurpose an old hanging shoe holder and stuff it full of chemicals instead of clogs. These over the door storage solutions are perfect for putting your bottles, powders and sponges in. They will keep everything upright and organised and hidden neatly away behind a door, leaving you with more space for biscuit barrels and beer bottles, or whatever healthy alternatives you prefer.

Belt Rack

Handy belt rack

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If your wardrobe is in disarray and in dire need of some order, then how about fixing a towel rail to the inside of the door to hang your belts from. This quick-fix will let your belts hang nice and straight, without cluttering up your clothes rail.

Buy a bunch of “S hooks” and you’ll be able to slip them straight onto the rail for you to neatly arrange your belts so that they stay out of the way.

Belts coiled in drawers, still looped through trousers and tangled in amongst your shoes can become a thing of the past. Buckle up and beat the mess.

Spice Space Saver

Magnetic spice rack

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Yes, we’re back in the kitchen again with this one. If you enjoy a spot of cooking, then you no doubt have a handful of spice packets or jars in the kitchen. Keeping the herbs in their packets can get awfully messy and it certainly isn’t the easiest way to sprinkle a bit of flavour on your supper.

Spice racks are great, but they can clutter countertops and take up a vast amount of your valuable working area. Did you know that they now make magnetic spice tins that you can stick anywhere that is metal and magnet compatible?

These clever little contraptions can carry more than the contents of the average condiment jar and come with a sprinkle and pour twist cap.

Adhere them somewhere handy, and they’ll always be at arms reach, without taking up a single square of your working space. Whoever knew that the side of your fridge or you cooker hood could be an extra storage solution? Super, simple and savvy. We love it.

DIY Tidy Tray

Muffin tin storage garage

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Nails, screws and fiddly little DIY bits are always useful, but they’re in danger of getting lost and knocked off your workbench if you don’t keep them organised. Sure you can store them in a purpose-built toolbox, but then they’re not to hand when you need them.

The solution? Take an old muffin tray from the kitchen and screw it to the underneath of your DIY work surface. This ingenious device will keep all your knickknacks tidy and organised and ensure that they’re at your fingertips ready for use.

Use a large screw as your pivot point with washers above and below the tin, plus two nuts against each other on the underneath so the assembly won’t loosen. Now fill up the holes and swivel your screws to your heart’s content!

So there you have it, hopefully you have a nice neat tidy house now, but that doesn’t mean that it’s an excuse to go out and buy more clutter to cram in the spaces that you’ve created.

And don’t forget, if all that organising has got you in the mood for a good clear our, we’re here to buy all your old vintage clobber. Pack up your bits, put them in a box and post them to us for free. We’ll make you an offer and if you accept, you’ll get paid the same day.

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